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Season 4 Episode 11

Unrealized Reality

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 23, 2002 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Crichton gets sucked into a wormhole while he is studying it, but instead of exiting the wormhole on the other end he becomes trapped with a mysterious man inside the wormhole. The man claims he is a relation of The Ancients who Crichton met before and gave him his wormhole technology. He demonstrates the consequences of wormhole travel to Crichton and forces him to confront the possibility that he may never be able to get home.moreless

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  • Crichton's home!

    This one has to be a classic and one of the best episodes of season 4. This episodewas just really well written and it was really exciting. So Crichton learns more about wormholes but at a price and the chance that he may never be able to get back to Moya but by an acident Cricthon end up at earth. It was a great ending to this episode but i don't know what they are going to do next. I love this season and i can't believe its only 11 episodes until the end of season 4. What will happen by the end.moreless
  • Meet Einstein... and the truth about Wormholes!

    John gets suck into a Wormhole while observing one. He finds himself talking to a being he calls Einstein. I suppose this being is an Ancient! He explains to John how Wormholes can bring him anywhere he wants! Any place! But also any time! Yes, Wormholes are not only a way to cover great distances, no, they can also bring you into an alternate reality or back and forward in time!

    We get interviews with lots of people of Crichton's live! First they say something, and afterwards they say exact the opposite! Alternate reality!

    It was great to see Zhaan and Crais again. And also finally find out some more about Wormholes! After all, it is a very important part of the series and brings the story forward...

    John attempts to leave the strange place and finds himself back to Earth! But appearances can be deceiving...

  • Some questions answered and more questions asked.

    A distorted, jumpy and bizarre episode which spends a lot of time in various realities. Crichton’s interaction with Einstein is entertaining, as are the amusing interviews, and it’s nice to return to the scenes in Premiere where Crichton first encounters the escaping prisoners, especially given that he already knows what's going to happen to him. The question of where Moya went when she was sucked down the wormhole back in Dog with Two Bones is finally answered as well.

    As well as being an enjoyable standalone(?) episode, Unrealized Reality begins the major plotline involving the Scarran base Katratzi which is mentioned briefly by Stark/Sikozu in one of the other realities, and eventually leads to the rescue of Aeryn.moreless
John Bach

John Bach


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Virginia Hey

Virginia Hey

Zotoh Zhaan

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Murray Bartlett

Murray Bartlett

Douglas "D.K." Knox

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Raelee Hill

Raelee Hill


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Melissa Jaffer

Melissa Jaffer


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Paul Goddard

Paul Goddard


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • When John experiences the final unrealized reality Einstein shows him, Stark/Sikozu starts raving and says the word "Katratzi". This word will prove to be of great importance in a future episode.

    • Nitpick: Zhaan noticeably different in appearance from that of the previous seasons. Before Zhaan had gold scale-like markings on the skin of her forehead, but in this episode Zhaan's skin was a uniform blue color. The lines of the bald cap is also noticeable if you look, whereas when Virginia was playing the role as a regular cast member she shaved her head. She also had this altered appearance in the earlier season four episode "John Quixote".

    • The knowledge implanted in Crichton's mind is what allows him to understand the space-time concepts of wormholes, and why he is able to travel through a wormhole without propulsion, and guide himself.

    • When Moya was swallowed in "Dog with Two Bones", Noranti, Jool and Pilot were on board. They were interrogated and revealed that while they knew nothing of wormholes, Crichton is obsessed with them. Therefore, either they were purposely holding out on telling Crichton what happened, knowing Einstein would be coming for him, or their memories were affected by the encounter.

    • Einstein expected to find a Pathfinder vessel when he pulled Moya through the wormhole in "Dog with Two Bones". This is because Moya was left with a Pathfinder beacon infused in her hull after the accident in the "Self Inflicted Wounds" two-part story.

    • Sikozu agrees to an alliance with Scorpius, having been reassured that she will now be the most important person to him on board, other than Crichton. This has been building since she saved him in "What Was Lost: Resurrection".

    • Aeryn continues to learn English (which we first saw her do in "Relativity"). This follows on from her saying an English phrase in both "A Prefect Murder" and "Coup by Clam".

    • D'Argo has discovered that Crichton has been taking Noranti's drug (that she offered in "John Quixote" and has been taking ever since). He has in fact been taking double the dose.

    • In one of Crichton's early flashes, the only one left on board Moya is Chiana. But if you look closely, you can see that Chiana is being played by Claudia Black during this scene. Later, we see that Stark in this alternate reality is being portrayed by Raelee Hill, Rygel by Melissa Jaffer, Jonathan Hardy voices D'Argo, Gigi Edgley plays Noranti, and Anthony Simcoe is Jool.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Crichton: (after Einstein sends him to an unrealized reality) Boy, I gotta hand it to you, you give great... great illusion. Now I know how Copperfield got Schiffer.

    • Crichton: No next time. Leave me.
      Einstein: To die? Why?
      Crichton: Too risky. All of it. Best to leave me.
      Einstein: Are you suddenly becoming afraid?
      Crichton: Yes. Of the damage I can do, yes.
      Einstein: Fear...fear is the correct answer.

    • Einstein: (voice superimposed with other voices Crichton knows) From every point of entry...a wormhole branches into multiple paths. The subdivision continues until, at length, you are deposited back into space-time. The journey can be random, or with purpose. Destination...is the key. Every portal has a distinct space-time signature. The only destinations you can realize by design are those of which you have foreknowledge. The more you travel, the more signatures you will catalogue. Our Ancients have given you the ability to recognize these subtle differences. Since every destination is surrounded by similar unrealized realities the closer you travel, the more you must maintain absolute engrossment. And never return to a familiar place prior to the last time you left. Your next journey...may lead to a permanent unrealized reality.

    • (Crichton exits the wormhole with the Moon behind him and turns to see a full Earth)
      Crichton: Whoops!

    • (Rest of Moya's crew are dead or unconscious in Command. Crais and Crichton face each other weapons drawn. Crichton lowers his weapon in defeat as Crais rests his gun against his forehead.)
      Crais: (hugging Crichton) Well done, comrade.

    • Noranti: (as the Peacekeepers board Moya) If company's coming, I could bake some skinberry muffins.
      (Gunfire erupts around command)

    • Rygel: I wouldn't have risen to Dominar if I wasn't good at recognizing things before they happen.
      Pilot: You were deposed in a coup led by your own cousin.

    • Laura: (referring to Crichton) He actually made a couple of passes at me. Like I'm gonna sleep with a guy who only has one graduate degree.

    • Einstein: Propulsion. You are the first to be brought here without vehicle.
      Crichton: So how the hell am I supposed to get off this rock?
      Einstein: Through the wormhole.
      Crichton: With what propulsion? The smoke you're blowing up my ass?

    • Caroline: (about wormholes) There's nothing to understand. It's not a science, John...
      Teacher: ...it's an art.
      Crichton: You failed me in art. Not to mention third grade English. And I still do not understand the proper use of a comma!
      Teacher: You did not forget the 'a', Johnny. You wrote a report about Mark Twin!

    • Caroline: He was a cheap date, a lousy drunk and a redneck...He was lousy in the sack. (Makes finger gesture suggesting he has a small penis)

  • NOTES (9)

    • Executive Producer David Kemper liked the documentary format of the interview scenes so much that they inspired the episode "A Constellation Of Doubt", which used a documentary style ever more strongly.

    • Ben Browder's hand was injured while filming the sequence with Chiana (played by Claudia Black) leaping into his arms.

    • This episode marks the final appearance, other than in flashbacks using old material, of Virginia Hey as Zhaan and Lani Tupu as Crais.

    • Virginia Hey's interview scenes were actually filmed when she was there for "John Quixote".

    • When Anthony Simcoe was asked which character he'd like to play in the unrealized reality, he said Jool, so that he could have breasts.

    • David Franklin had to put his old Lieutenant's uniform on for this episode, and was greatly chagrined to find that it no longer fit- the Captain's uniform he had been wearing was much less form fitting the other. They didn't have time to alter the garments, so he just had to squeeze into them as best as he could.

    • A number of the scenes Einstein shows Crichton as possible unrealized realities are actually previously unseen footage from the next two episodes in the series, "Kansas" and "Terra Firma".

    • Several recurring stars returned to this episode, to add their comments on Crichton's character. Virginia Hey returns for the second time this season to play Zhaan, as does Paul Goddard to play Stark, and Lani Tupu as Crais. All three also appeared in "John Quixote". Tammy MacIntosh stars in her fourth episode this year, following the earlier "Sacrifice" and "Resurrection", and also "John Quixote." Murray Bartlett returns as DK, who is Crichton's best friend, and also worked on the Farscape project (see "Premiere"). We also got glimpses of two of Crichton's teachers, a cousin and a reverend. There was also a female scientist who worked on the Farscape project, and one of Crichton's girlfriends, Caroline. David Franklin also reappears to play Braca, back in his role as Lieutenant in one of the unrealized realities.

    • This episode was being filmed before David Kemper had completed writing act four and the tag.