Season 4 Episode 19

We're So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2003 on Syfy
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We're So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction
Moya arrives at a station where the Scarran vessel transporting Aeryn is docked.

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  • Fantastic!!!!

    This episode was a true example of what you can expect from Farscape; surprise, action adventure, loyalty, friendship and love. Spoilers… They risk everything in true Farscape fashion when they dock at an outpost on the way to Katratzi where they meet up with the Scaran vessel that holds Aeryn. After activating a dormant infection in Nygel, they are able to wreck havoc and enact their plan to rescue Aeryn and bring her and her unborn child home to Moya. John and Aeryn have a really touching reunion when they return to Moya, you can almost feel their love. However, everything is brought down with the reappearance of Harvey or Harvey 2.0. Definitely a must see!!!moreless
  • This is Farscape at it's best.

    I love it when Farscape is at it's best because it is so good. It is such a shame that we only have three more episodes after this and thats it. Why was there no season 5? Anyway it appears that the writers are going to go out with a bang. This episode was really well written, and i really felt for Aeryn when they were hurting her. So they finally get back Aeryn but are shocked to learn that they also need Scorpious because he possessses the wormhole technology from Crichton's head. I really can't say anything bad about this episode. I just hope the next few episodes are as good.moreless
  • Terific opening episode of a stunning three parter...shame I lost my review of the next episode....

    They keep turning up the pressure on us - how much more can we take? The writers found a neat solution to the problem of having their kick-ass female sedated for the whole episode by introducing Chiana the Vampire Slayer who had marvellous five minutes kicking Scarren minions all over the place. Another manic episode with another manic scheme, as the crew of Moya spread deadly plague on a space station. They have steadily slid towards the dark side over this series with the creed of the end justifying the means taking over more and more. By the way, did anyone else notice that Rygel’s lurgey changed have way through from bacteriological to viral? A good job that bad guys weren’t paying attention, or Granny’s credibility as a healer would have been seriously undermined. And whilst we’re on "did you notice" - hasn’t Deep Space Nine done a swap-the-foetus story line? At least the girls escaped before the dirty deed was done. But as ever, Farscape has something up its sleeve. Just when you think they’ve got clean away, up pops Harvey in a classic return from the dead scene. Sorry John, I don’t care how Scorpy got him there, it is great to have him back.moreless
  • The crew are going to rescue Aryn!

    This episode reminded me of "into the lions den part 1"!

    It contained humor,drama,tension and action.And what really made it so fun to watch that for once their plan

    was a succes until the twist! There is so much happening in this episode,that makes you wonder what deviant plot twists they can think of to fill the other parts of this trilogy! All the main characters have an important part in rescueing Aryn! Even Rygel is participating beyond expectation! I do have a problem with one thing and that is the intelligence of the Scarran Captain,the one that Scorpius tries to trick! I mean how come the Scarran Captain didn't recognize Scorpius, how many half breeds like him are out there! But do not let this disturb you.

    Everything in this episode was great! Frelling great!moreless
Shane Briant

Shane Briant

Dr. Trayso Talnell

Guest Star

Rel Hunt

Rel Hunt


Guest Star

Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke

Captain Jenek

Guest Star

Melissa Jaffer

Melissa Jaffer


Recurring Role

Lani Tupu

Lani Tupu

Voice of Pilot

Recurring Role

Raelee Hill

Raelee Hill


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Sikozu: (as they go over the rescue plan for Aeryn) If the freighter escapes, then we abandon all hope...
      Crichton: (interrupting) We abandon all hope of living long and prosperous lives and we follow the freighter.

    • Noranti: But I did kill another. By my actions...I have taken innocent lives.
      Rygel: Welcome to Moya. In my time as Dominar, some of my actions resulted in the deaths of the undeserving. Even when the cause is just, it's a hard thing to accept.

    • Jenek: (interrogating Crichton) Why the deception?
      Crichton: Cause... I'm horny! Was looking for a Sebacean woman.
      Vreena: (referring to Aeryn) You attacked me and attempted to release one of the patients.
      Crichton: No offense, but she's sexier than you are.

    • Noranti: I'll fix it.
      Chiana: You've already fixed it. You've infected us with the frelling Hynerian plague!

    • Rygel: What in the frelling yotz were you thinking, you madwoman? You're a plague, a withered, three-eyed, bad-smelling pestilence!
      Noranti: You can yell at me later.
      Rygel: I'll be dead later!

    • Sikozu: What about Scorpius?
      Chiana: What about him?
      Sikozu: Well he might have been captured!
      Chiana: Or killed.
      D'Argo: We can only wish.

    • Crichton: Son-of-a-bitch said he took you out of my head.
      Harvey: Scorpius upgraded me to Harvey 2.0.

    • Crichton: It's all right. Aeryn. It's all right. You're here.
      Aeryn: Is this real?
      Crichton: It's real. You're on Moya. You're safe.
      Aeryn: (whispering) What about the baby?
      Crichton: (smiling) Baby's fine. Everything's gonna be okay... Sleep.

    • Trayso: (about D'Argo) A Luxan assistant?
      Noranti: Oh, yes. Luxans make fine pilots, exceptional bodyguards and superlative lovers

  • NOTES (5)

    • For the rest of the filming of this season, the Rygel puppet was operated by Fiona Gentle, so the actors had to get used to a female voice speaking his lines while shooting.

    • Upon its premiere the "We're So Screwed" trilogy aired with only the individual episode titles appearing on screen. BBC2 who had the world premiere of the last 11 episodes of Farscape felt that the title was unsuitable for the show's 6:45 timeslot. They suggested "Another Fine Mess" as a possible substitute but the show's producers rejected this title.

    • The title is a reference to season 2's "Look at the Princess: I Do, I Think". During one of its scenes, Crichton was dancing around crazily with Braca the transport pod, and as the ship was being attacked Crichton yelled out his line, "We're so screwed!". One of the producers decided he wanted an episode using this title, but it's also a sly reference to Sci-Fi's decision to cancel the series.

    • Patrick Ward, who played the Charrid Ralnaht in this episode, also played the Charrid Zylar in last season's "Daedalus Demands".

    • Shane Briant, who plays Trayso in this episode, previously played Kaarvok in season three's "Eat Me".