Season 4 Episode 21

We're So Screwed (3): La Bomba

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2003 on Syfy
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The plan to rescue Scorpius from Katratzi fails and all because of the hybrid himself. He claims it was for the crew's own good, but, regardless, they are now stuck. Most still want to find another way out, but Scorpius reveals some secrets and pushes a plan to strike a major blow against the Scarrans. His target, surprisingly, is the Crystherium Utilia. The crew had better hurry, especially once the Scarrans deactivate Crichton's bomb. Success ends up depending on a secret held by Sikozu. Elsewhere on Katratzi, Rygel and Noranti search for Stark, only to run afoul of his bioloid. Meanwhile, Grayza fears her plans for peace have failed and now threatens to ignite a war.moreless

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  • Exciting doesn't cover it. What an episode! What a series. Loose ends tied up and no sounds of plots being shoe-horned in. TV writing at its best. This could so easily have been a season finale.moreless

    And so we have Crichton & the Great Rock Elevator! What an episode - great lines, great laughs, great effects and a great plot. Everyone in the cast got something good to do, we found out what Sikozu is for and Braca finally got his own ship. And possibly one of the best Farscape line ever: "I can't believe I left a nuclear bomb in an elevator. How embarrassing." Classic. The episode contained all the elements Farscape does well. There were constant surprises, like Crichton having a conversation with Scorpy in his head and in the flesh simultaneously – bizarre or what? There was great acting - I particularly liked Scorpy losing it in the flower garden, great dialogue and superb action sequences. The programme is so economical in its use of time. We don’t need to know why the flowers are important - we know that if Scorpius is willing to trade wormholes for their destruction they are about as important as they can get. We don’t need to see every phase of the escape once the bomb goes off. Our heroes have done enough to justify getting clear to us. And everyone (more or less) ended up happy. Although the thought of a Sputnik/Scorpy tie-up is a bit creepy, it is good to see Pip and the Captain reconciled. Maybe I’ll stop watching now, and remember the series at its best. Unless Claudia Black is going to do that smile again. In that case I might tune in.moreless
  • All most at the end now....

    Wow does not describe how good this episode was. I was so hooked on every moment of it. It was just so well written all the way through. So Crichton lets of the nuclear weapon inside the Scarran base, causing one hell of a mess and a lot of problems. But the highlight of this episode was definatly Grayza pleading to John to give her the wormhole knoledge, because if she goes back to command without he is finished. And when she said that they really are finished i felt for her. But when she ordered Bracca to be killed i was shocked, but what was better was where the guard turned on Grayza insted. Now this was a great episode to end the show on, but we still have one more episode. It appears now that war with the Peacekeepers and Scarrans in unstoppable. I just love this show so much and seriously SCIFI went wrong big time by cancelling this show. Overall this is probably one of the best episodes of Farscape ever. I just hope the final episode is as good as this one was, but i can't believe that it's almost over now.moreless
Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke

Captain Jenek

Guest Star

Jason Chong

Jason Chong


Guest Star

David Downer

David Downer

Secretary Vakali

Guest Star

Raelee Hill

Raelee Hill


Recurring Role

Melissa Jaffer

Melissa Jaffer


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Paul Goddard

Paul Goddard


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Captain Jenek tells Emperor Staleek early on in this episode that D'Argo's ship, Lo'La, is an Eradicator.

    • Sikozu tells the crew that she's a genetically enhanced Kalish, empowered with the ability to emit radiation that destroys Scarran heat producing glands, killing them.

    • Stark once lived on Katratzi, assisting the Scarran leadership class with their death rituals. Scorpius was torturing Stark in the Aurora Chair (see "Nerve") to get information about Katratzi, and the location of the mother flowers.

    • D'Argo and Chiana are back together, as of this episode, where they're seen sharing a bed. Sikozu and Scorpius also share a kiss, indicating their romantic entanglement. Pennoch and Ahkna are also apparently lovers.

    • Braca's first name is revealed in this episode. His full name is Meeklo Braca.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Grayza: In my hands, you can have peace. I...can...have...peace.
      Crichton: I have been in your hands. There's no peace there...just power.

    • Crichton: (when Scorpius tells him they have to destroy the Crystherium Utilia) Flowers trump wormholes?!
      Scorpius: At the moment, yes.

    • Crichton: What the hell's going on up there?
      D'Argo: We couldn't override their override of our override.

    • Scorpius: I do not lose!
      Crichton: Be happy to give you lessons.

    • Crichton: Hey, honey. Guess what I did at work today? I wore a nuclear bomb, in a field of flowers.

    • Rygel: (over the comms) CRICHTON! What the HEZMANA just happened?! Where are you, you fahrbot? Did you blow up the bomb? How could you blow up the bomb?!
      Crichton: You missed the vote.

    • Scorpius: (Crichton drops the bomb down the shaft) What have you done John?
      Crichton: Just fixed your little flower problem.
      Aeryn: You reactivated it, didn't you?
      Crichton: Yeah. Should go off in about ... 60 microts.
      Chiana: Then it explodes?
      Crichton: Yeah
      Chiana: A big explosion?
      Crichton: (nods) Oh God, we should have voted. All in favor show of hands. (pause) All opposed.(pause) 3 to 2 Sikozu abstains.

    • Scorpius: Kill me later.
      Ahkna: I should kill you now! You're still my prisoner.
      Crichton: Technically, he's my prisoner!
      Scorpius: Thank you, John.

    • Noranti: Who's Stark?
      Rygel: Another lunatic with the wrong number of eyes.

    • Rygel: But you're actually working for Staleek?
      Scorpius: So he believes.
      Noranti: Oh, I do admire your compartmentalisation of duplicity.

    • Crichton: I can't believe it, I left a nuclear bomb in an elevator.
      Chiana: Well that's all right. You've done worse.

    • Crichton: (about Ahkna) She scares the crap out of me.
      Aeryn: It's the hat.

    • Crichton: You used me.
      Scorpius: We used each other.
      Crichton: You're better at it.
      Scorpius: Oh, you're learning. The bomb... clever.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Aeryn: It's the hat.

      Aeryn's response to Crichton's fear of Ahkna was not originally in the script and was ad libbed by Claudia Black.

    • Executive Producer David Kemper won the whiskey bottle for naming this episode, although he actually wanted it to be "La La La La La La Bomba", as a more overt nod to the Richie Valens song "La Bamba".

    • Director Rowan Woods set the Harvey/Crichton interrogation scene as a tribute to the police show NYPD Blue.