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Season 4 Episode 3

What Was Lost (2): Resurrection

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 21, 2002 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

When D'Argo and Sikozu come up with a plan to crash Elack (the dying Leviathan) into the Peacekeeper pursuit craft, Crichton is forced to get closer with Grayza to ensure the success of the plan. But when the plan goes wrong Crichton and the rest of the crew are forced to go looking for the third probe to end the magnetic summer forever.moreless

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  • Part 2 of 2.

    I know this was not the best two parter i have seen on Farscape, but it certainly is not that bad. I really want to know where Moya is and Aeryn, they have been missing now for three episodes and i miss them the show is not the same without them.

    So is Scorpius dead? They burried him alive but for some reason i don't think we have seen the last of him. Also i thought the whole main story was not very important so Peacekeeprs and humans are linked it not really a big deal. So Jool is gone, but who knows she probably will be back. This is turning out to be a good season i can't wait for the next episode.moreless
  • Neither bad nor good!

    Well, here is the conclusion of the last episode. And I must say it's a bit disappointing...

    Though I liked things too! I liked how Sikozu manages to fool everyone by doing as if she changes allegiance!

    I didn't like to see Scorpius be buried and I do not hope that this is the end of him! What an awful way to get rid of such a great character!

    A liked the three girls in prison! Hope to see more of such good teamwork!

    I also liked how Crichton manages to escape from Grayza. It was very predictable, but Ben Browder's performance of an excellent seems to be back at last, because i was really disappointed of the last few episodes! I don't like the depressing Crichton! I want a funny and witty Crichton!

    I really really don't like that Old Woman! Hope she won't stay!

    This episode could have been a whole lot better!

  • It just goes to show, even the best of shows can have an offday. Shame it was two in a row.

    NB I originally wrote this review, along with many others, for submission to the BBC's Farscape website. It was written immediatly after viewing, so I genuinely didn't know where the series was going. Many of the reviews got posted on the Roll of Honour, before Auntie Beeb was forced to dump it's cult pages. Hope you enjoy it.

    Oh dear, oh dear. The best sci-fi programme on the TV finally turns in an episode to rival Battlestar Galactica (the original series) at its worst. What Was Lost had an incomprehensible rambling plot over two episodes, poorly written, poorly plotted, poorly directed and poorly acted. It’s no wonder they spent so much time in the sea, the plot itself didn’t hold water. Plot oversights were similarly more in evidence than usual - like Jool, Chiana and the Old Woman staying locked behind metal bars for two episodes, until they remember Jool can melt metal by screaming. Farscape’s reputation is based upon being better than this. To top it all off, a superb baddy is dumped in a pit whilst a cross between Servalan from Blakes 7 and an Original Series Star Trek alien* hams it up. We can only hope Braca changes his allegiances again and pushes her out through an airlock. At least it had one great line at the end.

    Jool: "I’m sorry I said you weren’t Vella’s intellectual equal."

    D'Argo: "I am now, - she’s a rock." D-. Must try harder. See me after the lesson. *A reference to Elaan from the episode Elaan of Troyius.moreless
Steve Le Marquand

Steve Le Marquand


Guest Star

Dinah Shearing

Dinah Shearing

Voice of Elack's Pilot

Guest Star

Tammy MacIntosh

Tammy MacIntosh


Recurring Role

Raelee Hill

Raelee Hill


Recurring Role

Melissa Jaffer

Melissa Jaffer


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Jool must be excited during this entire episode (as well as the episode before this one). Her hair, which is normally rather orange, remains red, the color it becomes when she's agitated.

    • We get several indications that Peacekeeper pulse pistols are very light in weight. When Crichton's gun runs out of Chakan oil he throws it at the attacking Peacekeepers, but it stays aloft almost like a Frisbee for quite a long time. Also, when Crichton is fighting Oo-Ni under water he drops Winona, but she doesn't drop right away, and seems to be somewhat buoyant.

    • Elack was a male Leviathan, and his Pilot female, the opposite arrangement of Moya and her Pilot.

    • We learn the old woman's name for the first time. It is Utu-Noranti Pralatong, or Noranti for short.

    • We see that Jool and Chiana have bonded with each other, as well as Jool with D'Argo.

    • The crew leave Jool behind on Arnessk, so she can work with the priests, who had been essentially "frozen" for 12000 cycles. The planet's restoration brings them back along with their lost temple, so Jool decides to stay with them and bring them up to speed in modern times, with the added bonus that she should no longer be hunted by the Peacekeepers.

    • All evidence that's been found on Arnessk points to some sort of link between Humans, Sebaceans and Interions.

    • Commandant Grayza's sweat-like fluid that she wipes from her chest and uses to bring men under her control is apparently Heppel oil. Concubines have a Heppel gland implanted, which produces the oil, and the oil's perfume stimulates the erogenous zones. However, a side effect of the gland is that it shortens one's life.

    • The Egyptian symbol Crichton recognizes on the child's tile is the Eye of Horus, which is associated with regeneration, health and prosperity.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (the Old Woman pulls a pulse pistol out of her skirt and throws it over a cliff)
      Crichton: Was that Winona?
      Old Woman: Yes.
      Crichton: I really don't want to know where you hid her. (he jumps off the cliff after Winona)

    • Sikozu: What's the point in running? It is too close!
      Crichton: There is always a point in running.

    • Crichton: Man! I'm not goin' anywhere near that woman again!
      D'Argo: John, you have to see her one more time.
      Crichton: Screw you.
      D'Argo: Well, to use one of your expressions, you're gonna have to take one for the team.
      Crichton: Technically, I've taken two.

    • Chiana: (leading the rest of the girls to the rescue) Wrinkles, you go find D'Argo's ship. (Sikozu tries to follow the old woman) Hey! You, you're still with us! Not that I don't trust you, but I don't.

    • Rygel: Great. We're hunted by Peacekeepers, towing a dead module, lost in the Uncharted Territories with no purpose in life. How good does it get?

    • Jool: You may not have been Vella's intellectual equal...
      D'Argo: Well I am now. She's a rock.

    • Jool: Do you see how the color is fading from everything? The walls, your clothes...
      Chiana: I never had much color to start with, Princess.

    • Braca: Hello Crichton.
      Crichton: Hiya Braca. Let me ask you a question. You're a man of the world, right? Does my ass look big in these pants?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Having Jool remain behind on Arnessk at the end of this episode allowed Tammy MacIntosh the opportunity to juggle her role as Jool with a recurring guest stint on Australian medical drama All Saints.

    • Claudia Black is credited but does not appear. Lani Tupu is listed in the closing credits as voicing Pilot, but Pilot does not take part in this episode, either.