Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 14

A New Face

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

With Lance brandishing a gun in her face, Gloria tells him that she's pregnant with his baby. When he says he doesn't believe her, she tells him that she found out just before she hired the private investigator and that she just wanted to protect their baby. But Lance tells her that it doesn't matter, that Michelle is the only woman he ever loved and the only one he ever will. Then he screams at her to get out of his house. Tania shows up at Luke's and apologizes for her recent behavior towards him. While leaving, she congratulates him on his mom's recent engagement, which obviously rubs Luke the wrong way. Maria expresses her outrage to William that the tabloids aren't running news of their engagement prominently. William tells her she should skip the tabloids when it comes to publicity and hire a famous actress to wear her clothes exclusively instead, but Maria protests that she doesn't have that kind of money. Luke visits Michael to tell him about his mom's engagement, and both are bewildered that she was even dating anyone. Nikki is outraged when a fashion designer she supported when he was just starting out has decided to pass on her now because she's not edgy enough, or as Nikki interprets, she's too old. Luke tells Michael the reason he's upset about his mom's engagement is because he's never even met the guy, but Michael suggests that maybe now that his mom is engaged she'll keep her nose out of Luke's love life. Maria meets with Hans, Michelle and John to suggest that the House of Gianni needs a new face to represent them. Hans is delighted because he thinks she means hiring a celebrity, but Maria says no, she wants to have a charity auction of models and the girl that gets the highest bids becomes the new face of Gianni. Hans is flabbergasted by the suggestion until he remembers that Alissa McKay just had a charity fashion show herself. Maria asks Michelle for her input and Michelle suggests that the charity should benefit a scholarship. At the office, Gloria doctors an over the counter pregnancy test to make it look like she's pregnant. Maria taps Michael to shoot the fashion auction and help her select the models. Michael suggests Nikki, and Maria says she's too old, but Michael says that she's better than most of the new girls. When Gloria presents the pregnancy test to Lance, he tells her he never doubted she was pregnant, but that he knew it was just another of her schemes to trap him. Then he tells her she's fired and to get out of his office. John slithers up to Michelle while she's trying to draw designs for Maria's wedding dress and tries to offer her job advice, but she tries to ignore him. Then Tania comes in and John boasts that it's nice to finally be working with someone familiar and friendly, and Tania tells him not to let the "little people" (meaning Michelle) forget who's in charge. Luke stops by the office to invite Michelle to dinner that night when he's meeting William for the first time. At her fitting with John, Tania complains about Michelle, but John tells her that as long as Michelle keeps churning out great design sketches, Maria will keep her around forever. Maria sees Luke and Michelle kissing outside Fashion House, but when Lexi asks her why she doesn't just fire Michelle, Maria says she can't because Michelle's too talented. At the office, Lance goes on a document shredding binge at Gloria's desk, then finds a photo of Lance and Michelle that Gloria has viciously defaced. After her fitting, Tania steals a bunch of Michelle's designs and burns them. As Luke shows up to pick up Michelle for their date, Lance drives up and spies on them. Maria is obviously displeased when Luke shows up for dinner with Michelle, who he introduces to William as his girlfriend. Michael shows up at Nikki's to tell her that he recommended her for the Face of Gianni charity show campaign. At dinner, William admits that he's done research on Luke, who's surprised by this admission. When talk turns to his painting, William presses them for information on Luke's father, then turns his attention to Michelle. When talk turns to the dress that Michelle designed but that Maria took credit for, Maria and Michelle start disagreeing about quality and longevity in fashion. Meanwhile, at a nearby table, Lance stalks Michelle and seethes that she's moving on without him. Left alone at the table, Luke asks William if he has any ulterior motives with Maria, and William says that he thinks he finally met an equal. In the ladies' room, Maria and Michelle spar, with Maria accusing Michelle of being a golddigger, trying to get money out of her son. When Maria and William are alone, William mocks Maria's enmity with Michelle. Upon returning home, Michelle and Luke are confronted by a drunken Lance, who gets into a fight with Luke and then pulls a gun on him and threatens to kill him.

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