Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 7

A Rose By Any Other Name

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Maria's therapist gives a tape of her session to William, then asks William why he hates her so much. William's cellphone rings and he just misses being caught by Maria, who walks back into her therapist's office. At a press conference, Maria takes credit for the dress Michelle designed for her line, and Michelle storms out. Hans and Harold chase her out and advise her to get used to being used by the fashion industry. Michelle realizes that Lance is spying on her, but he dashes away before she can catch him. Tanya calls Luke to ask if she can pick up her things and he tells her he thinks they still need time apart. William meets with a congressman who's impeding a shady deal of his. Lance broods over his lost romance with Michelle and asks his business partner Rodney for advice. Rodney tells him to do something nice for her, and if that doesn't work, give up and let her go. Trying to lure her back, Lance calls Michelle to tell her has important papers of hers, but Gloria listens in on the call. Michelle goes to Luke's studio to pose for him and they start flirting, but a scorned Tanya walks in and breaks up the mood. Michelle shows up to pick up her things from Lance and he tries to woo her back, but she gets angry and storms out. Maria tells her therapist about a nightmare she had about a black-masked William, who was sabotaging her designs. Tanya starts taking drugs to get through a shoot. Michael begs her to get her act together or else they'll have to answer to Maria. After a lunch date, William escorts Maria back to her office and deliberately stops the elevator to make love to her. William then calls Sophia, Maria's arch-rival, to tell her that everything is going as planned. When Luke continues to blow Maria off, Maria demands that her assistant Lexi dig up dirt on Luke's love interest, Michelle. Maria busts in on Tanya's photo session and is outraged by how bad she looks. Lance gets divorce papers from Michelle, and when Gloria tries to seduce him to make him feel better, he gets rough with her. William picks out a very expensive engagement ring.

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