Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 51

After The Assassin

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Gloria tries to tell Michelle about the hit, but Michelle scuffles with her and Gloria's son, Alek, comes running to break them up. He gets in the way, just as the hitman pulls the trigger and shoots. Alek is rushed to the hospital. LAPD detective Hart asks Michelle and Luke if they know where the shot came from or whether anything unusual happened before them and they say no. Hans and Harold fret over having to make their dresses bigger to fit Maria, but Maria tells them they're making them too big. She gets angry when they remind her that the dress she's wearing was designed by Michelle. Luke and Michelle join Gloria at the hospital. Detective Hart questions Gloria and she plays dumb about the whole shooting. He starts to leave, then turns around and asks her what she was trying to talk to Michelle about. She tells him she was just apologizing to Michelle about breaking up her marriage, then asks if they can finish the questioning at some other time. Maria meets with Lance at his place to plot their next moves in getting Michelle back with Lance. A police officer arrives to question Lance in regards to Alek's shooting, and Maria lies that she was with Lance to provide him an alibi. Alek's doctor meets with Gloria to tell her that Alek is in bad shape and will require surgery to evaluate his wound. Luke and Michelle rejoin her in the waiting room, and Gloria confesses that she nearly gave Alek up for adoption before he was born. The hit man shows up at Eddie's chop shop to tell him that he missed on his first attempt to kill Michelle, but that he'll finish the job by the end of the week. Eddie's cell phone rings and Gloria informs him that Alek was the one shot. Eddie hangs up and asks the hit man to explain what happened. He tells Eddie that he had the perfect shot, but some kid got in the way. Eddie pulls his gun and kills the man, telling him, "That was for my son." Sophia meets with William and he brings her up to speed on their various plots and plans. Then Sophia asks him if there's something he isn't telling her and he plays coy, telling her no. Later, Sophia joins William and Nikki for dinner at Suku. Sophia pointedly observes that Nikki isn't drinking. William excuses himself for a moment and finds Tania lurking elsewhere in the restaurant to spy on them. Later, Nikki spots Tania and gets angry, but William calms her down, while Sophia eyes him suspiciously. Lance wonders if he should visit Gloria at the hospital, but Maria insists he should be trying to console Michelle. Lance tells her that Luke will be with her, but Maria has a plan to get him away. She picks up her phone and calls 911 to tell them she thinks she's having a heart attack. Back at William's mansion, Sophia tells her son that she's figured out that Nikki is pregnant and insists that William move Nikki into the mansion. That night, Luke is hanging with Michelle at her place. Michelle confesses that, although Gloria might have deceived her by cheating with Lance, she appreciates Gloria for putting her in a position where she ended up chasing her dream of being a fashion designer. Then she asks Luke if they should be afraid since Alek got shot. At the hospital, Gloria is flashing back to memories of Alek, when the ICU nurse suddenly comes in to yell that the boy is crashing.

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