Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 68

After The Fall

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Nikki is rushed to the emergency room. Maria approaches Lexi to try to tempt her with a deal. Lexi initially spurns her, but Maria teases her by talking about the venture capital firm that's funding Michelle's company. Michael visits Michelle's office to ask after Nikki, then gets a call from the emergency room about her. He and Michelle rush to the hospital. Spangler meets with William, who threatens him with revealing the pictures of him with a prostitute on the Internet if Spangler doesn't convince the DA to free up his accounts so he can pay his bail. Nikki's doctor asks to speak with Michelle alone and indicates there's trouble with the baby. Michael runs into Luke outside the hospital and they mend their broken friendship. Sophia meets with Dr. Woods, who's been counseling Tania, and makes it clear that she's working with him to channel Tania's anger and addictions into convincing her to exact revenge on some of the people Tania hates (namely, Maria). Lance meets with Rodney and asks him for money to help him get out of town. Rodney reminds him that he ran through all of their money, then counsels Lance to go back to his own home to hide, based on the logic that no one would think he's stupid enough to go back there. Lexi meets with Maria, who makes it clear that her lawyer Clive is behind the backing of Michelle's company, and with Clive's 40% of the company and Lexi's 30%, they can oust Michelle and Lexi can have the company for herself. Lexi says she has to think about Maria's offer, but Maria tells her she has only one day to decide. Michelle tells Michael and Luke that Nikki lost the baby. Luke offers to contact William and tell him the bad news. Lexi reads an article about the success of Michelle's company, but when she finds that her own input isn't mentioned, she calls Maria's office and says she's ready to meet with Maria and Clive. Luke meets with William in jail to tell him about Nikki and the baby. Eddie's goons break into Lance's house and head upstairs to his bedroom, but Lance hears them and hides in his closet. Luke heads back to the hospital and tells Michelle that he's thinking of moving to New York. Nikki wakes up and doesn't remember a lot. She breaks down sobbing when Michelle tells her she's lost the baby. Sophia visits William in jail and he tells her about Nikki. Sophia seems genuinely broken up about the loss of the baby. She insists that William needs to get out of jail immediately, and says she's going to meet with Spangler to make sure he gets William out of jail in a hurry. Lance is furious when his goons come back without Lance, and he tells them to bring in Rodney to find out where Lance is hiding. Luke leaves Michelle alone with Nikki, who then tells Michelle that someone pushed her down the stairs and she knows who it was.

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