Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 69

Breaking Point

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Nikki tells Michelle that it was Maria who pushed her down the stairs. Michelle says they should call the cops but Nikki thinks they won't believe her. Michelle then suggests that William will want revenge, but Nikki tells him there's something about William that she doesn't know. A very buzzed Tania bounces around Sophia's apartment, telling her everything she wants to do that day. When she's not looking, Sophia slips more drugs into Tania's purse. Michelle calls Lexi at the office to make sure everything's going smoothly. Lexi tells her all is fine, but neglects to tell Michelle that Maria and Clive are sitting in her office. Sophia ambushes Spangler at Suku and says she wants William out of jail that day or she'll release the photos of him with a prostitute. Luke and Michael go to the hospital. Michelle takes Luke outside and tells him what Nikki is accusing Maria of. Luke is disbelieving at first, then realizes that it's not unlikely that Maria would be evil enough to push Nikki down the stairs. A strung out Tania confronts Maria at the spa. She tries to slap Maria, but Maria slaps her first. Tania screams that at least she has William, while Maria has nobody, then she storms out. Gloria empties Eddie's safe, as he requested, but Officer Conti walks in. Gloria plays dumb and pretends she's only Eddie's secretary. Tania rushes to Dr. Woods' office and tells him that Maria's accusations that she's become pathetic were probably true, but Woods tries to direct Tania back to feeling angry and wonders why she doesn't act on those emotions. Sophia picks up a newly-sprung William from jail and provides him a car to go visit Nikki. Eddie's goons grab Rodney while he's out jogging. Gloria returns home and finds Eddie waiting for her. She gives him the money. He tries to leave her $500,000, but she throws the money back at him. Luke and Michelle take a walk on the beach, and she tries to convince him that New York isn't a wise move for him. Hans and Harold are shocked when Maria shows no concern over the news about Nikki. At the hospital, Nikki is about to tell Michael something about William when William walks in and spoils the revelation. William promises Nikki that Maria will pay for what Nikki's accusing her of. Nikki she doesn't want to hear it, that she knows William wasn't in love with her and was sleeping with Tania on the side. She then tells him she has something more to tell him. Goaded by Dr. Woods into acting out, Tania breaks into Michael's studio and tears it apart. Michael catches William storming out of the hospital. He chides William for leaving Nikki in her hour of need, and William tells him he should go in and save the day. Michael is furious with William, and he impresses Nikki by his willingness to stick up for her. Eddie and his goons beat up Rodney, then hold a gun to his head, to get him to tell them where Lance is. Dr. Woods and Sophia get word from the police that Tania has wrecked Michael's studio. Michael takes Nikki home, where she finally admits that he was the father of her baby.

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