Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 25


Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

At a fitting for their wedding tuxedos, William tells Luke that he thought he was really out of it the night he went home with Lexi. William reveals to Luke that he only had three drinks, planting seeds of suspicion in Luke's mind. Luke visits Nikki to talk to her about Michelle. She tells him to give Michelle some space, but that he really screwed up and needs to do something major to make up for his mistake. Eddie gets a visit from his henchman Manny, who explains that he's having trouble finding the man Eddie's looking for. Then Gloria shows up for work, with Eddie clearly stifling his frustrations with her. Maria freaks out when Harold admits that he's not finished with her wedding dress yet. His reason for the delay is that Michelle is always around and he feels guilty that the dress is based on a design that Maria stole from Michelle. Michael calls Tania, who is suffering from a drug hangover, and furiously yells at her for being late yet again for a major photo shoot. Harold blatantly lies to get Michelle out of the office so he can work on Maria's wedding dress, and Hans picks up on his scheming. Maria visits Dr. Woods, and raves about William and gloats about breaking up Luke and Michelle. She plainly confesses that she drugged Luke, and when Dr. Woods expresses shock, she claims that Luke will never find out and that she'll never feel guilty about what she's done. Tania shows up at Michael's photo shoot looking haggard and strung out. After Harold and Hans put the finishing touches on Maria's wedding dress, she asks them to be her attendants at her wedding. At the photo shoot, Michael struggles to get a single good photo of Tania. Back at Gianni House, Maria asks to see Michelle. Before going in, Michelle shares a tense moment with Lexi. In their meeting, Maria raves about Michelle as a designer, and when talk turns to Luke, Maria lies that she was only trying to keep Michelle and Luke apart to help Michelle focus on her talent as a designer. Michelle is completely taken in by her talk. At his office, Eddie talks to Gloria about his increasingly difficult attempts to hide money and how he needs a new accountant, and Gloria suggests that she knows someone he should meet. Michael meets with Maria and talks about his woes with Tania's modeling. Maria tells Michael that Nikki is the frontrunner for the Face of Gianni competition. She also asks him if he'd photograph her wedding. Rodney tells Lance that their firm has run out of money and they're both at a loss as to what to do, then Gloria walks in and suggests they take on Eddie as a client. Luke waits on Michelle's doorstep to talk to her. She tells him to leave, but he goes inside with her and tries to explain things to her. She stubbornly refuses to listen and asks him to leave. As he walks out, he tells her that he loves her. Eddie orders his goons to kill a man who double crossed him.

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