Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 39

Building Blocks

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Maria asks Lance to find her a silent partner to invest in her company and prevent William from taking it over, for which she'll help him get Michelle back. Lance says it's not enough and demands 10 per cent of her company. Maria agrees. Nikki beams about her night with William, but Michelle urges her to be cautious around him. Nikki says William might be interested in investing in Michelle's company. Maria tries calling Luke, but he ignores her call. She later finds Sophia in her office, having the place looked over by a top interior designer. Lance meets Eddie to suggest that he invest in Maria's company. Sophia rubs salt in Maria's wounds by gloating that William has already slept with Nikki. Hans calls Nikki to tell her to come to the office immediately. Michelle calls William to set up a meeting. At the office, Hans and Harold are trying to break the bad news to Nikki, when Tania walks in and gloats that Maria has 86'ed Nikki and made Tania the new Face of Gianni. Nikki storms into Maria's office for an explanation and Maria tells her she's a whore for sleeping with William so easily, and based on a morals clause in Nikki's contract, that gives Maria cause to fire her. Luke and Michael discuss Maria's betrayal of Luke over beers. Luke says he's more concerned about Michelle, and shows Michael a sketchpad of drawings he's done of Michelle. At their office, Lance boasts to Rodney about the deal he's just made with Maria. William gives Michelle a hand in finding investors, and also advises her to stick with Luke. Gloria delivers more of Eddie's papers to Lance, and quizzes him about the Gianni deal and how Michelle is involved. Lance tells her he's getting back together with Michelle and won't let anything stand in his way. Michelle finds Nikki miserable over being fired, but promises she'll make her the face of her company as soon as it gets off the ground. Luke leaves his sketchpad on Michelle's doorstep as a gift. A downcast Gloria returns to Eddie's office, and he swears he'd take care of anyone who hurt her. Gloria's mother, Doris, is very ill, but convinces her young son, Alek, not to call his mom. Michelle goes to Luke's studio and their romance is rekindled. Eddie takes Gloria to dinner and she presses him again to have Michelle killed. When Eddie presses her for a reason, she lies that Michelle has threatened Gloria's and Eddie's son Alek because she can't have a child of her own. Eddie is enraged by this admission and promises that Michelle will be killed. Michelle and Luke make love. Luke gets up to get them drinks, and when there's a knock at the door, Michelle gets up to answer it and finds Maria there.

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