Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 40

Coup de Grace

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Maria shows up at Luke's door, and lays into Michelle when she answers the door. But in a long overdue show of strength, Luke sides with Michelle against Maria and tells her to apologize to Michelle or leave. Gloria's mother, Doris, gets woozy as she gets up to show Gloria's son, Alek, off to school. At their apartment, Nikki advises Michelle to try to talk things out with Maria if she really wants to be with Luke. Luke's art dealer, Nigel, visits and lets it slip that William is Luke's backer. Luke is furious at this news and tells Nigel he wants William out. A teary Maria calls Dr. Woods to set up a therapy appointment. She confides in him her troubles with William and Luke, then she talks about the men in her past: Charles Blakely and Antonio Gianni. She admits she never loved Charles. She admired Antonio and was thankful for the life he showed her, but she never loved him like she loved William Chandler, who she swears she intends to destroy. William visits Luke to try to convince him not to cut him out at his backer. He tries to explain what he did to Maria as a way to get back at her for destroying his family, then he tells the emotional story of being the one to find his father after his suicide. Luke says that whatever happened, it has nothing to do with him, but William reminds him that Maria criticized Charles' artistic aspirations, just as she has Luke's. Hans spots Lance, with Eddie and his goons, arriving in the parking lot for a meeting with Maria. Maria tells Eddie that she made a business deal with the wrong person and now needs a backer, to the tune of $21 million, to pay that person back. Eddie tells her that he'll pay back the debt, but wants to be the number one shareholder in her company. Maria says that she'll agree only if she remains the head of the company, and Eddie readily agrees. Gloria brings home lunch for her mother and tries to get her to admit to her illness. Doris insists she'll get better. Maria's lawyer looks over her deal with Eddie and tries to convince her that Eddie's bad news, but she tells him she has no other choice and she won't give up her company to William and Sophia. Michelle frets over her business plan, as William shows up for a date with Nikki. Maria and Lance toast their deal with Eddie at Gate, and Maria tries to pressure Lance into telling her why William fired him, but he refuses to break client confidentiality. Maria orders another round of drinks and keeps on pressuring him. Gloria and Alek return home with dinner, but Doris refuses to eat. Maria finally gets Lance talking about William's shady deals, and how he's laundering money through dozens of tax-free accounts in Antigua. She gets Lance angry about how William compromised him in the business world and made him look bad by firing him, then offers to help him take down William if he'll give her the informational ammunition she needs. Lance asks her what she's doing to get Michelle back in his life, and she insists she has a fool-proof plan. The following day, Tania shows up late and strung-out at yet another photo with Michael, who is clearly losing patience with her. She pulls herself together enough to take an okay photo by popping even more pills. Michelle shows up at Maria's to try to talk to her. She says that they should try to be civil with each other around Luke, but Maria throws her out. Later, Maria meets with Carlos, a private detective she's hired to investigate William's Antigua accounts with leads provided by Lance. At Gate nightclub, Eddie makes eyes at Tania, who comes right over and openly flirts with him. William meets with Sophia and tells her that taking over Maria's company feels like it's coming too easy to him and he thinks they should step up their revenge plot a notch. Eddie gets Tania very drunk, then takes her to a party where he feeds her pills that make her dizzy and pass out.

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