Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 55

Dark Days Dawn

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Michael enlists Luke to help him find Tania, who called him from Malibu Canyon. They find her lying bloodied next to her car, which she has crashed into a tree. Gloria is perturbed when Eddie's goon, Manny, comes to the hospital. Michael tries to call for help for Tania, but Luke tells him to put his phone away. Lance tells Maria that William is backing Michelle's company. Maria tells Lance to sneak into Michelle's office and fax copies of her designs to a certain number. Tania awakens stoned, and when Michael continues to want to get medical help, Luke protests, saying she'll have to go to court. He insists they should take her to a rehab clinic. Manny tells Eddie that an ex-con they hired was talking to some of Congressman Spangler's officials. Sophia pesters William to hurry up on getting Maria back, but he tells her he's got other things on his plate. When he walks away, she looks at his laptop to get Nikki's contact information. Maria calls her PI, Carlos, and finds out he's in Cuba. Dr. Burns tells Maria that she can finally check out of the hospital. Luke and Michael wait and the clinic for word on Tania, and Luke tells Michael that he's thinking of moving to New York. The clinic rep then comes in and tells them that Tania is no longer their concern. Michelle is stressed and exhausted by all the craziness in her life. Nikki offers to pick up some fabrics for her before her sonogram appointment. Rodney is working hard attracting new clients so that he and Lance can drop Eddie as a client. Eddie calls and tells Lance and Rodney that he wants to meet with them. Lance doesn't want to cancel his lunch date with Michelle and tells Rodney he'll just have to be late and how bad could that be? Lance goes to Michelle's office with flowers. He sends her out of the office to get water for the flowers and while she's gone, he grabs her design drawings and faxes them to the number Maria gave him. Rodney calls him and fumes that he's going to miss the meeting with Eddie. Eddie walks in then, and Rodney tells him Lance is just running late. Eddie says that's too bad because he wanted Lance to meet his friend Pedro. Eddie's goons then walk in with a very beaten-up man. Maria tells her therapist that she faked her heart attack, and about her glee that she managed to break up Luke and Michelle again. They discuss her plans to take William down, and Maria is taken aback when Dr. Woods mentions Carlos Pierce, a name she doesn't readily recall revealing to him. Eddie threateningly asks Rodney if he can trust him, then he suffocates Pedro with a garbage bag while Manny holds a gun to Rodney's head. Gloria lays weeping in her mother's bed, while her doorbell rings incessantly. She stares at a photo of her mother and son, when Lance walks in and tells her that they need to talk. The rehab director tells Michael and Luke that Tania can have no contact with outside people for the next two weeks. Nikki drops a bag of lunch on Michelle's work table, causing Michelle to scream and suddenly flash back to Alek's shooting. Nikki tells her what happened was horrible, but she has to put it behind her. Maria has lunch with Giuliana Morgan, and we find that it was Giuliana that Maria had Lance fax Michelle's designs to. To appease Maria, Giuliana calls Michelle's designs amateurish, but says she can't do another story on her show without raising eyebrows in the industry. Maria tells her to be resourceful and tap some of her contacts elsewhere. Lance asks Gloria if she knows who shot Alek, then he asks her why she was at Michelle's office in the first place. She says she went to apologize to Michelle for breaking up her marriage to Lance. Then she asks Lance to leave her life, forever. Nikki returns home and is surprised to find Sophia packing her stuff to move her into William's mansion. Luke meets with his agent, when a NYC agent walks in and admits that she was trying to steal Luke away. Nikki tells Sophia she's not going, and goes to call the cops, but Sophia grabs her wrist and threatens to call over some of William's men. Nikki asks her how William will feel if she loses the baby in a struggle, and Sophia relents, but threatens her that "this isn't over." A few seconds later, Nikki answers a knock at her door, thinking it's Sophia again, but it's Michael, coming to tell her about Tania. Tania wakes up at the rehab clinic, confused about where she is. She tells her counselor she's not going to play along with her games. Maria calls John into her office to call him to task for telling the magazines he was running her company while she was in the hospital. She starts to send him out when the district attorney walks in with police officers to arrest her for fraud and forgery. Lance returns to his office to find Rodney distraught and in tears over Eddie's actions, and insisting that they're in too deep with Eddie. The DA walks maria out of her office in cuffs, causing a stir in front of her employees and the press who are waiting outside.

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