Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 27

Do You Take This Woman

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

The morning of his planned wedding to Maria, William talks with Sophia on the telephone about the big day they've planned for years. William then wakes Maria up and gives her his grandfather's wedding ring to hold during the ceremony. Maria asks Luke to work with Lexi on getting her something new, borrowed and blue for her wedding, and Luke laments to Michael that he has to work with Lexi on it. Nikki tries to coax a reluctant Michelle to be her date to Maria's wedding, but Michelle refuses. A messenger arrives at Michelle's doorstep, delivering divorce papers signed by Lance. At Suku, Lance and Rodney meet for lunch to discuss taking on Eddie Zarouvian as a client. Rodney is wary, but Lance tells him they really have no choice. Nikki convinces Michelle to join her at the spa, but as Michelle is signing in, Tania shows up and divulges all the details of Michelle's break-up to the spa attendant. At the church, Lexi tells Maria that all of the details have been taken care of, then Maria asks her if she's called Luke. She says she's uncomfortable with what happened, but Maria tells her she should not be emotional about it. At the spa, Tania succeeds in scaring Michelle away. Nikki then walks up and knocks over a vase on the counter. The spa attendant inadvertently gives her Tania's papers, revealing that she's allergic to niacin. Lexi tells Maria that Michael called to say that he and Luke were heading to William's to take photos, and Maria orders Lexi to call Luke and work with him on getting borrowed and blue trinkets. At the spa, Nikki spikes Tania's facial creme with drops of niacin. At William's place, Luke and William discuss the wedding, and William tells Luke that meeting him has been one of the best parts of his whole affair with Maria. Back at her apartment, Michelle answers an insistent knock and is immediately set upon by a crazed Tania, who blames her for the blotches all over her face. She starts getting violent, throwing vases at the walls. Before heading to the church, William meets with Sophia one last time. At the church, John Cotter crashes the preparations and ribs Luke about his break-up with Michelle. Luke asks to be left alone with Maria, and her gives her earrings (something blue). Michelle starts to chase after Tania to fight her, but Nikki walks in and Tania escapes. Just then, Luke calls and Michelle refuses to take it. At the church, Michael razzes Luke for his insistent calls, then Lexi sneaks up and Michael leaves them alone. Lexi tries to apologize, but Luke tells her he thinks it best that they don't talk to each other. Suddenly, Maria lets out a frantic yell. It turns out that her dress won't fit, it's one size too small. Luke orders Harold and Hans to pretend it's fashion week and that they have a half hour to fix the showcase dress. He also orders Lexi and Michael to stall the press and guests. In the church, Michael catches William openly flirting with Nikki and takes photos of it. He later catches William stooping down to talk to Sophia, who places a flower into William's lapel, and takes a picture of it. Finally, Luke walks his mother down the aisle. The priest asks Maria if she'll take William as her husband and she says, "I do." He then asks William the same, and William astounds the guests by saying, "No, I do not. I wouldn't marry this heartless (expletive deleted) if she was the last woman on earth." From her pew in the middle of the church, Sophia begins to cackle wildly.

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