Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 60

Down To The Wire

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Lance is fitted with a wire. Maria and a female cop tell him he needs to get Eddie to confess to the credit card fraud and to setting up a hit on Congressman Spangler. Lance asks to be left alone to clear his head, then takes the time to hide crucial papers on Eddie's dealings in a hidden wall safe. Michael tries to convince Luke that he made a mistake in not having sex with Amanda. Sophia tries to cheer up Tania, but Tania spots a copy of her modeling book on Sophia's table and asks her what she and William want from her. Dr. Evans tries to make Gloria feel confident about her job interview with the hospital. One of Luke's art students gets him to confess out loud that he went to the beach with a girl just yesterday, but Michelle walks in and hears everything. Sophia gets Tania to admit that Maria betrayed her trust, and says that she and William are just trying to help Tania get back at Maria for failing her. Gloria has a lunch interview with the hospital personnel woman, who gets her to admit that she needs the job to support Alek. Michael shows Maria the spare key to his place that he found after cleaning up the mess that Lexi made trying to break into his place and steal Maria's negatives. He knows the key came from Luke's apartment, but doesn't think Michelle was responsible for stealing it. Maria thinks that John might have had a hand in it. Luke tells Michelle about his beach date with Amanda and how innocent it was. Michelle gives him an invitation to her first fashion show. They hug, and Michelle says she misses him. Luke pulls away and says maybe he shouldn't go to her show. He says he loves her, but that their relationship has been so hard on both of them. Michelle says she just wants him back in her life and that she needs him there. Carlos meets with Maria to give her evidence of William hiding money in Antigua to avoid paying taxes. Sophia tries to convince Tania that they're trying to help her bounce back from her recent troubles so she'll be successful again and can shove her success back in Maria's face. While wearing the wire, Lance gets Eddie to confess about his credit card fraud, but keeps on pressing him to admit to trying to kill Spangler. Tania goes through her papers and gets agitated about her wrecked modeling career. She gets drunk again and steals money from Sophia's purse, then leaves, but Sophia soon walks in a realizes what's happened. She calls William and tells him they have a real problem. Gloria angrily gives Dr. Evans the third degree for giving information about her hard luck and her relationship with Eddie to the hospital personnel lady. He apologizes and tells her he was just trying to help her. Tania goes to Gate and buys more drugs from the bartender. Lance gets Eddie to admit killing Pedro and taking the hit out on Spangler, but Lance gets fidgety and Eddie suspiciously tears his shirt open, revealing the wire. Lance butts Eddie in the head, just as the police rush in and get into a gunfight with Eddie and his goons. Lance runs away, but Eddie and his goons jump in an SUV and easily get away. William tracks Tania down and tells her that he and Sophia are only trying to help her. The hospital personnel lady comes to Alek's room to tell Gloria she got the job. Lance checks into a seedy hotel room to hide from Eddie. He calls the detective he was working with and finds out that Eddie is still on the loose. Gloria tells Dr. Evans about the job, and he tells her he'd like to take her out on a date. Luke goes to Amanda's hotel room to talk about her offer. Eddie calls Lance at his hotel (he got Lance's information because Lance used his own credit card to get the room) and tells Lance he's a dead man, just as someone starts pounding on Lance's hotel door.

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