Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 35

Enough Is Enough

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Luke is floored by William's revelation that Maria has emptied out his bank accounts. John infuriates Hans, Harold and Michelle by doing nothing but flirt with models while they run around trying to put the fashion show together. Tania crashes Nikki's photo session with Michael. John meets with Maria to demand she pay him hush money. Luke meets with Michael to talk about his mom stealing his money. Sophia tries to soothe William's conscience over what he told Luke. Lance and Rodney go the Face of Gianni fashion show and run into William, with Maria looking on suspiciously the whole time. Luke shows Maria his bank account statements, and she promises to explain everything to him after the fashion show. Luke and Michelle run into each other backstage and their conversation is awkward. Luke's promises he'll talk to Michelle later. Tania meets up with Nikki backstage and picks another fight. Hans and Harold come to Nikki's rescue and try to cheer her up. Maria runs into Sophia and William at the show and tells them to leave. Sophia tells her she's just there to observe, seeing as she'll own the company in just a few days. Maria gives William a longing look as he walks away, and Sophia quips that Maria is still in love with him. Lance asks Rodney if he should go backstage and talk to Michelle, and Rodney snaps at him, telling him he should leave Michelle alone. Maria gives John the money he's been demanding, and he gives her the incriminating tape he made of her. Maria introduces the runway fashion show. Later, we see the tail end of the model date auction, with Tania and Nikki remaining. Tania fetches $60,000 from an older man. Michael gets in on the bidding for Nikki, competing with another older man, until the bidding gets up to $50,000, then William shocks everyone by bidding $100,000, making Nikki the Face of Gianni. William walks onstage to pose for photos with Maria and Nikki, but they share a testy exchange under their breaths. Michael teases Tania about her the winner in her auction, but Luke generously congratulates her for winning $60,000 for the scholarship fund. Maria introduces herself to Lance and suggests she might be looking for a new accountant. Luke and Lexi meet up, and Luke tells Lexi he needs to talk to her, but Maria runs up and pulls Lexi away. Maria goes onstage to hold her press conference. A reporter asks her if the designs just shown are all hers, and once again Maria takes credit for dresses designed by Michelle. But Michelle stalks up on stage and calls her a liar and demands that she tell everyone who really designed the line.

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