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  • Season 1
    • A New Foundation
      Episode 78
      Someone is arrested for Maria's murder, and readily admits to it. Sophia and William skip town, with Sophia ending up closer than she might like to her old nemesis. Michelle and Luke escape a dangerous situation with Eddie, then decide to leave town together.
    • 12/4/06
      Luke packs to leave for New York, then gets an anonymous phone call that gives him hope he might find his mother's killer. Lance's taunting of Eddie leads the mobster right to Michelle's doorstep. Sophia and William make plans to leave town in a hurry, leaving a bewildered Tania behind.
    • Recap Week 13
      Recap Week 13
      Episode 76
    • In Loving Memory
      Episode 75
      In a flashback heavy episode, several of Maria's most prominent enemies get up to falsely praise her at her funeral. In the end, Luke vows to all of them that he'll find Maria's killer and make him or her pay. Eddie's goons continue to try to get Lance to reveal where he's hidden the evidence on them, then they realize who he's probably given it to.moreless
    • 11/30/06
      Everyone wonders who might have killed Maria, but Lance is sure he knows who's responsible: Eddie. Tania spirals into more drugs and drink, worrying that she'll be implicated in Maria's murder. Lance tries to skip town to evade Eddie, but Michelle leads Eddie's goons right to Lance's doorstep.
    • Maria's Final Bow
      Episode 73
      Maria continues to make enemies leading up to her latest fashion show. Luke goes to the show vowing to get Maria to admit to the things she's done. Nikki, Tania, Lance, Eddie, Sophia and William all go to Maria's show with vengeful intentions. Tragedy strikes, and Maria takes her final bow.moreless
    • 11/28/06
      Nikki finds out that Michael slept with Maria, causing a rift in their budding relationship. Sophia continues to push Tania's drug use. William tells Maria that their rivalry won't end until one of them is dead. Eisner tells William he'd be wise to skip own soon. Eddie plans to attend Maria's fashion show.moreless
    • The Betrayal
      Episode 71
      Rodney tries to divert Eddie goons away from Lance. William broods over the news about Nikki and the baby. Michael reveals his feelings to Nikki. Maria gets on Hans' and Harold's bad sides. Michelle finds out that Lexi sold her out to Maria. Maria and Michelle get into a catfight.
    • Fashion House Highlights #12
      Weekly recap of storylines on Fashion House.
    • Breaking Point
      Episode 69
      Nikki accuses Maria of pushing her down the stairs. Dr. Woods and Sophia goad Tania into acting out on her feelings of rage. Lexi signs a deal with Maria and Clive to take over Michelle's company and force her out. Sophia forces Congressman Spangler to get William out of jail immediately. Eddie and his goons kidnap Rodney to find Lance. William visits Nikki, but she breaks up with him. Luke tells Michelle he's planning to move to New York. Nikki finally tells Michael the truth.moreless
    • After The Fall
      Episode 68
      Nikki is rushed to the hospital, but still loses the baby. Maria approaches Lexi with a tantalizing offer. Luke pays William a visit to tell him the bad news. Sophia swears that she'll force Spangler to get William out of jail soon. Michael and Luke mend their friendship. Lance approaches Rodney to help him hide from Eddie. When Eddie's goons prove unsuccessful in finding Lance, Eddie tells them to bring in Rodney.moreless
    • Safe Haven
      Episode 67
      Eddie's attempts to silence Lance go awry. Luke confronts Maria and tells her he doesn't want to see her anymore. Tania's drug problems continue at the photo shoot Sophia sets up for her. Luke and Michael get into a fistfight. Eddie taps Gloria to help him get money. Tania tells Nikki that she and William are having sex. Later, Nikki runs into danger at home.moreless
    • Luke is furious with Michael and his mother for sleeping together, but gets even more bad news about Maria from John Cotter. A mysterious venture capitalist group seems eager to back Michelle's company, but the person pulling all the strings isn't someone Michelle might be eager to be in business with. William blows his chance to have Congressman Spangler bail him out, until Sophia intercedes. Dr. Evans and Gloria continue to date. Eddie finally gets his hands on Lance.moreless
    • Fashion House Highlights #11
      Weekly recap of storylines on Fashion House.
    • 11/17/06
      Michelle and Lexi try to line up new funding for the company in the wake of William's arrest. Eddie makes arrangements with a crooked cop to take out Lance. Michael confesses to Luke that he's still in love with Nikki, but Luke is dismissive of his feelings. Gloria makes plans for a new life. Sophia tries to make keep Tania from meeting up with Luke. Maria and a drunken Michael make love.moreless
    • Out Of The Woods
      Episode 63
      William finds himself in an unsettling situation. Maria and Sophia's hatred reaches a boiling point. Eddie hires a crooked cop to get him closer to Lance. Michael and Luke find out that Tania has gone AWOL from rehab. Tania turns to Dr. Woods at Sophia's suggestion. Michelle's company basks in the glow of success until William's legal troubles put her back at square one.moreless
    • Miller's Crossing
      Episode 62
      Lance gives Officer Conti an ultimatum. Nikki starts to worry about William's true feelings. Sophia warns Tania to get her act together. Maria clashes with John over his behavior at her company. Dr. Evans tries to get closer to Gloria. Maria provides the D.A. with incriminating information on William. Luke brings Amanda to Michelle's fashion show.moreless
    • Maria's Story
      Episode 61
      Sophia reveals to William that his bank accounts have been copied without his authorization. Maria visits Dr. Woods and delights in making him squirm trying to get her to reveal information he can give to William.
    • Down To The Wire
      Episode 60
      Lance wears a wire to get Eddie's confessions on tape, but things go terribly wrong. Gloria is suspicious when she finds out that Dr. Evans was instrumental in getting her a job interview. Michelle invites Luke to her fashion show. Tania continues to spiral back into drugs and drink. Maria gets incriminating information on William's business dealings.moreless
    • Fashion House Highlights #10
      Weekly recap of storylines on Fashion House.
    • Sabotage
      Episode 58
      Michelle confronts Lance about doublecrossing her. Maria discovers that Dr. Woods has been gathering information on her, and sets him up with false information to catch him. Lexi tries to sabotage Maria's photo shoot. Congressman Spangler tells Maria about Eddie's dirty dealings, and Maria says she'll work with Lance to get him to confess his crimes on tape.moreless
    • Truth And Consequences
      Luke lies to protect Maria, but feels guilty about it. Tania resists treatment at rehab, then calls on a friend to rescue her. Rodney tells Lance their partnership is over. Luke meets with Michelle to suggest that Lance might have sabotaged her business for Maria. Congressman Spangler finds out interesting news about connections between Eddie, Lance and Maria.moreless
    • Michael supports Nikki in William's absence. Maria has a hard time in jail, and an even harder time when Sophia pays her a visit. Eddie tips Lance off to a very dark plan of his, but Rodney insists he can't play along. Michelle and Gloria apologize to each other for what's happened between them. Lexi tries to convince Michelle to stay away from Luke. Luke tells Maria that he won't lie for her.moreless
    • Dark Days Dawn
      Episode 55
      Michael and Luke rescue Tania and take her to rehab. Eddie and his goons make Rodney fear the idea of ever dropping him as a client. Sophia tries to force Nikki into moving into William's mansion. Gloria tells Lance to leave her life for good. Maria tries to sabotage Michelle's company by leaking her designs to an unfriendly third party. Luke thinks about moving to New York. The district attorney has a nasty surprise for Maria.moreless
    • Second Chances
      Episode 54
      Congressman Spangler announces a new campaign to fight credit card identity theft, Eddie's main source of income. Lance tries to make a move on Michelle. Sophia and Maria square off in Maria's hospital room. The district attorney tells William that he's ready to charge Maria with fraud. Tania's agent fires her, leading her into another dangerous drinking and drugging binge.moreless
    • Fashion House Highlights #9
      Weekly recap of storylines on Fashion House.
    • The Heart Attack
      Episode 52
      Maria fakes a heart attack. Luke rushes to Maria's side, leaving an opening for Lance by Michelle's side. John tries to stand in for Maria in an interview, but makes a fool of himself. Nikki confesses to Michael that she's pregnant. Gloria waits patiently by Alek's bedside, but the boy's condition worsens.moreless
    • After The Assassin
      Episode 51
      Gloria's attempt to save Michelle backfires, and her son Alek ends up being shot instead. Tania hovers around William and Nikki. Sophia figures out that Nikki is pregnant and insists that Nikki move in with William. Eddie takes care of the inept hit man who shot his son. Maria escalates her plot with Lance to separate Luke and Michelle. Gloria waits in vain for good news about Alek.moreless
    • 11/1/06
      Gloria tries to call of the hit on Michelle, but Eddie tells her he can't. Nikki tells William that she's pregnant. Maria has difficulty with a new temp, and accidentally lets information slip to Dr. Woods about Carlos. Tania seduces William into sex, but he refuses to let it upset his relationship with Nikki. William gives a federal attorney information about Maria forging Luke's signature to drain his bank accounts. Gloria tries to tip Michelle off about the hit, with tragic results.moreless
    • 10/30/06
      Michelle's and Luke's stories are told in flashback, as they confront each other over Luke's painting of Michelle seeing Maria's reflection in a mirror.
    • Fashion House Highlights #8
      Recap of week 8 storyline highlights.
    • 10/27/06
      Nikki reveals her pregnancy to Michelle. Maria decides to model her own company's clothes. Doris makes Gloria promise to lead a good life before passing away. Luke's gallery show is a hit, until he reveals a surprising painting that offends both Michelle and Maria. Lance takes another tack in his attempts to woo back Michelle. Gloria tries to get Eddie to call off the hit on Michelle, but he tells her it's too late.moreless
    • William and Sophia are devastated when Maria pays them back and prevents their takeover, but quickly recover when they find that Michelle needs financial backing for her rival fashion company. Michael and Luke try to stage an intervention with Tania over her drug problems. Gloria agonizes over Doris' refusal to have chemotherapy. After being abused yet again by Maria, Lexi meets with Michelle and offers to leave Maria's company to become a 50/50 partner with Michelle.moreless
    • Fashion House
      Fashion House
      Episode 45
      Another recap of the season so far.
    • Series Recap
      Series Recap
      Episode 45
    • Women On Verge
      Episode 44
      Luke is frustrated with Michelle's lie. Maria is disappointed with Tania's "Face of Gianni" shots and resolves to fire her. Michael enlists Luke's help in trying to help Tania. Doris is diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, but refuses treatment. William and Sophia demand that Maria pay them back or forfeit her company. Eddie tells Gloria that a hit on Michelle has been arranged.moreless
    • Nursing The Wound
      Episode 43
      Lance manipulates Michelle into helping him. Nikki and Tania get into a catfight at Suku. Michelle lies to Luke about her night with Lance. Lance sends Michelle flowers, causing problems for her when Luke reads the card.
    • Fashion House Highlights #7
      A recap of week 7 storyline highlights.
    • 10/20/06
      Tania bombs in a photo shoot again, and Maria gives her one last chance before being fire. Doris is rushed to the hospital, and tries to hide her diagnosis from Gloria. William tries to help Michelle get a story on television, but his plan backfires. Fashion Today's host conspires with Maria to sabotage Michelle's story. Maria gets physical in her plan to reunite Lance and Michelle.moreless
    • Coup de Grace
      Episode 40
      Luke throws Maria out after she insults Michelle. Maria makes a deal with Eddie to get her out of debt. William is upset when Luke refuses to let him continue as his backer. Gloria's mother, Doris, continues to get sicker. Tania makes a big mistake by hooking up with Eddie.
    • Building Blocks
      Episode 39
      Lance and Maria strike a deal: bringing Eddie in as a silent investor. Nikki beams over her night with William, but is flabbergasted when Maria uses that fact to fire Nikki as the Face of Gianni. Luke and Michelle reunite. Gloria lies to Eddie to convince him to put a hit out on Michelle.moreless
    • The Blow Up
      Episode 38
      Michelle makes a surprising announcement. Lance and Rodney are arrested. Nikki and William have their date and end up making love. Luke confronts Maria about stealing from him, then later finds out from Lexi that Maria drugged him the night he and Lexi slept together. Maria bails Lance out and makes him an exciting offer.moreless
    • Table For Two
      Table For Two
      Episode 37
      Sophia and Tania meet up at Gate, and share their back stories.
    • Fashion House Highlights #6
      Recap of week six storyline highlights.
    • Enough Is Enough
      Episode 35
      Luke confronts his mother about emptying his bank account. The Face of Gianni fashion show/charity auction is a hit. William places a stunning bid for a date with Nikki. Maria chats up Lance about doing business together. Maria also takes credit once again for Michelle's designs, but Michelle shocks everyone by standing up for herself.moreless
    • Stirring The Pot
      Episode 34
      Luke tries to deny the idea that his mother drugged him. Michelle works hard putting together the Face of Gianni fashion show/charity auction, only to have Maria sabotage her at the last minute. Lance spurns Gloria's advances in favor of Michelle again, leading her to press Eddie to kill Michelle. Sophia offers Michelle many compliments. John causes friction at the fashion show rehearsal, as does Tania. William reveals another surprise to Luke about his mother.moreless
    • Revelations
      Episode 33
      John connives to get what he wants out of Maria. Maria frantically tries to find ways to escape her debt to William. Michelle and Michael cast the models for the Face of Gianni campaign. Tania picks a fight with Lexi, leading to unexpected revelations. The truth finally comes out about Maria drugging Luke, but Luke refuses to believe it.moreless
    • All In The Family
      Episode 32
      Lance and Rodney come up with ways to hide Eddie's money. Gloria's mother Doris takes ill. An anguished Luke seeks out Michelle to help him with his problems, but resists letting him back into her life. Michael is unhappy with Nikki's dirty dealings with Tania. Sophia tells Maria that she'll soon lose Gianni House.moreless
    • The Ties That Bind
      Episode 31
      In a confrontation with Maria, Sophia reveals the truth about their shared past. Lexi tries to explain things to Michelle, but Michelle furiously refuses to listen. Lance signs a deal with the devil, Eddie, much to Rodney's chagrin. William reveals a shocking truth to Luke, who then confronts Maria with it.moreless
    • Wedding Blues
      Episode 30
      Everyone is shocked in the aftermath of William's refusal to marry Maria. While Sophia gloats over her victory over Maria, William feels guilty about how Luke got caught up in the mess. Michelle discovers that Maria used her wedding dress design, and accuses Lexi of stealing it. Lance tells Eddie he'll go to work for him.moreless
    • Fashion House Highlights #5
      A recap of Week 5 storyline highlights for Fashion House.
    • Series Recap
      Series Recap
      Episode 28
    • Fashion House
      Fashion House
      Episode 28
      A recap of the series up to Maria's and William's scandalous wedding.
    • 10/5/06
      Maria runs into some unexpected problems on her wedding day. Sophia and William plan for a big day. Michelle continues to spurn Luke and has a violent run-in with Tania. Luke gives Lexi the cold shoulder. Nikki gives Tania a very nasty surprise. William shocks everyone when it comes time to say, "I do."moreless
    • Rehearsal
      Episode 26
      Luke tells Maria he doesn't think anything happened with Lexi. Gloria introduces Lance to Eddie, who makes Lance an offer he can't refuse. Michelle continues to spurn Luke. William holds his groom's party. Lexi feels ostracized by Luke and his friends. Sophia arrives in town, ready to destroy Maria's happiness.
    • Bridezilla
      Episode 25
      Maria shows no remorse for her actions against Luke and Michelle. Luke tries to mend fences with Michelle, but she refuses. Harold frets over Maria's wedding dress, which is a design Maria stole from Michelle. Tania's drug problems affect her photo shoot with Michael. Gloria cooks up a new plan for Lance--setting him up as Eddie's accountant. Eddie orders his goons to kill a man who double crossed him.moreless
    • With Maria's help and prodding, Lexi attempts to seduce Luke. She is unsuccessful in doing so, but still manages to make Michelle think she slept with her boyfriend. Unable to remember his night with Lexi, Luke is left unsuccessfully chasing after Michelle to apologize. William fires Lance as his accountant, and successfully sets up Congressman Spangler with a hooker. Maria tries to make final plans for her wedding, but finds that she's out of funds and needs to tap into Luke's trust fund again.moreless
    • Fashion House Highlights #4
      Recap of Week 4 storylines on Fashion House.
    • William's Story
      Episode 22
    • Polite Dinner Conversation
      Maria and William have dinner with Luke and Lexi. Luke quizzes Maria and William about their relationship, and William asks Luke a few questions about his relationship with Michelle.
    • 9/28/06
      Lance finds out that Gloria has a son. Maria sends John and Michelle off to New York, with plans for John to seduce Michelle. Both Michelle and Luke are anguished when Luke tells Michelle he loves her and she fails to say the same. Nikki confronts Michael about his dealings with Tania, but when Michael inadvertently insults Tania to make Nikki feel better, Tania uses his faux pas to her advantage. When John's seduction of Michelle fails, Maria takes drastic measures to split up Michelle's relationship with Luke.moreless
    • Fashion House
      Fashion House
      Episode 20
      A review of the series' plotlines.
    • Maternal Instincts
      Episode 19
      Maria tells Michelle that she's assigning her all responsibility for the "New Face of Gianni" charity fashion show. William continues to set his devious plans in motion. Gloria tries to seduce Eddie so she can get pregnant. Rodney feels helpless watching Lance destroy his life and their business partnership with his alcoholism. Lance comes across new information about Gloria.moreless
    • 9/25/06
      William threatens Congressman Spangler to get him to honor their shady deal. Lance continues to spiral into destructive alcoholism, while his business partner Rodney looks on helplessly. Tania wins a shampoo campaign over Nikki, and tries to poison Nikki in Michael's mind. Maria continues to express her displeasure over Luke and Michelle's relationship. Luke and Michelle make love for the first time.moreless
    • Fashion House Highlights #3
      A narrated summary of the ups and downs of the previous events that week on Fashion House.
    • Multiple Offers
      Episode 16
      Tania flirts with Michael in an attempt to hurt Nikki. Gloria continues to pester an unimpressed Lance; she also ticks off her mobster ex-boyfriend by spurning his affections. Michelle gets a job offer from a rival fashion house, but Maria and John work together to sabotage her chances.
    • Portrait Of A Lady
      Episode 15
      Maria is unhappy with the wedding dress designs contributed by her staff. John tries to convince her to take another look at his work, but Maria decides to use him in a scheme to break up Michelle and Luke instead. Luke agrees to paint a portrait of Maria and William for their wedding. Gloria's mother, Doris, begins to get uneasy feelings about her daughter's dealings with Lance and Eddie. Rodney tries to advise Lance to move on after his break-up with Michelle.moreless
    • A New Face
      Episode 14
      Gloria goes to great lengths to prove to Lance that she wants to be with him. Maria announces a new campaign to find a fresh face to represent Gianni Fashion House. Tania sets her sights on sabotaging Michelle. Maria invites Luke to dinner to meet William, but is unpleasantly surprised when Luke brings Michelle along. Luke and Michelle find themselves in a dangerous situation with Lance.moreless
    • Secrets and Gifts
      Episode 13
      Maria tells seemingly everyone about her engagement to William, except for her son Luke. Michelle is hurt when Tania tells her that she and Luke met the previous day. Distressed by his murder of the private investigator that Gloria hired to break up his marriage with Michelle, Lance plans to get rid of Gloria for good, but she has surprising news for him.moreless
    • Let It Ride
      Episode 12
      A critical secret about Gloria is unearthed. Lance kills a man. Luke and Michelle connive to bring Michael and Nikki together to talk out their differences. Meanwhile, Maria makes a life-altering choice.
    • Fashion House Highlights #2
      Highlights of week 2 of Fashion House.
    • A Private Affair
      Episode 10
      William's marriage proposal surprises Maria. Gloria meets with her old boyfriend Eddie and asks him to kill someone for her. Maria gets angry when Luke shows up with flowers for Michelle.
    • 9/14/06
      Michael is treated badly by Nikki after they indulge in a night of drunken sex. Luke and Michelle get closer, and finally kiss. William tells Maria they should get married.
    • Payola
      Episode 8
      William and Michael learn that getting what they want can't always go the easy way.
    • 9/12/06
      Luke and Michelle continue to get closer, as Michelle pushes Lance farther away. Tanya starts to crack up over her break-up with Luke. Maria continues to fret over her feelings for William, as William continues to put his shady plans against her in motion.
    • 9/11/06
      Luke asks Michelle to pose for one of his paintings and she says yes; and Maria's affair with William takes an unexpected turn while at her therapist's office.
    • Fashion House Highlights #1
      A recap of the ups and downs of Fashion House.
    • Broken Promise
      Broken Promise
      Episode 4
      Luke's continued pursuit of Michelle starts to bring complications to the rest of his life. Meanwhile, it is revealed to the audience that William is actually operating on behalf of a mysterious third party.
    • Secrets & Lies
      Episode 3
      Maria starts to develop a secret attraction to William. Michelle, shocked by the terms of her divorce, is drawn close to Maria's son Luke.
    • Unforgiven
      Episode 2
      Reduced to settling her debts to William in the bedroom, Maria sets out to stop her son Luke from dating the sexy new hire, Michelle.
    • It Takes One To Know One
      Fashion mogul Maria Gianni, having made a secret deal with the mysterious and sinister William Chandler, gets more than she bargains for and risks losing it all.