Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 77

Falling Apart At The Seams

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Eddie points a gun at Lance's head and threatens to kill him, but Lance wrestles it away. He flees on food, with Eddie's goons chasing him, but runs into traffic and is hit by a speeding car. Michelle tries to console Luke, who says he's just trying to remember the good times with Maria. Sophia gloats to William over Maria's murder. William urges her to get back to her hotel and pack, as they need to get out of town quickly. Eddie tells Manny to take care of the situation with Lance, and that he's going to try to grab Michelle to torture the evidence Lance is hiding out of her. Hans and Harold lament the end of their jobs at Gianni Designs, then Harold finally confesses to Hans that Maria blackmailed him into stealing Michelle's designs. Outraged, Hans scoops up all of Maria's dress designs and says he's going to use them to start a new retirement plan for the two of them. Nikki talks about how she needs a change in her life, so Michael invites her to come live with him and she eagerly agrees. Luke and Michelle talk about his accusations at Maria's funeral, and Michelle asks him what he's going to do if Maria's killer can't be found. He says he really doesn't know. Manny and Eddie's goons go to Michelle's old design house to find her, but run into Lexi instead. Lexi readily hands over Michelle's address and phone number, and when her assistant questions her about how wise that was, Lexi snaps at him that Michelle can handle herself. At Maria's old apartment, Michelle promises Luke that she will always be there for him. Tania walks in on Sophia packing to leave town. She asks if she can go along, but Sophia tells her no. Sophia gives Tania a present: a gift-wrapped box of assorted drugs. Michael shows up at Maria's apartment, and when Luke tries to apologize for his behavior, Michael tells him there's no need and starts helping him pack. Hans and Harold show up at Nikki and Michelle's with Maria's dresses and tell her to pick some her favorites, that they're selling all the rest on eBay. When Nikki worries about her diminishing prospects as a model, they suggest she become an agent instead. Meanwhile, Michael suggests to Luke that he take Michelle to New York with him. As they talk about it, William walks in. William and Michael nearly come to blows talking about Nikki, then Michael leaves. William gives Luke a portrait of Maria holding a baby Luke, painted by their father. He tells Luke that any time he needs him, to just call. At their apartment, Nikki tells Michelle about her plans to become an agent and move in with Michael, and she also encourages Michelle to invite herself to move to New York with Luke. To make themselves feel better, Nikki and Michelle get drunk and burn Maria's dresses. Detective Clark calls Luke and tells him the police department has no leads on who killed Maria. An anonymous caller phones Luke and tells him he saw who shot Maria, and will tell him for a price. The caller turns out to be John Cotter. William gives Sophia a plane ticket and urges her to leave town immediately, that he'll follow soon after. Michelle gets a call asking her to come down to the station to identify a body they believe is Lance's. John wants Luke to sign Gianni Designs over to him for the scoop on who killed Maria. While he considers it, Eddie and his goons swoop down on Michelle's apartment. Just as Luke signs the papers, the police rush in and arrest John, charging him with extortion and as an accessory to murder. Luke reveals that he was wearing a wire. Just then Michelle calls Luke to tell him that Eddie had Lance killed. While they are the phone, Eddie and his goons storm into Nikki and Michelle's apartment, knock Nikki out, shoot Michael and carry off a screaming Michelle.

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