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Maria or Sophia??

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    [1]Nov 30, 2006
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    Who's hotter? Who's more evil? Who do you love to hate more? I don't think the show showed it from a neutral stand-point because for a good part of the series it just showed things all about Maria. What do you think??
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    [2]Nov 30, 2006
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    Maria is hotter looking.  Sophia is more evil.  She and her son William reeks of corruption in their business dealings.  Actually, Maria is corrupt too, but she doesn't have that Mafia vibe that Sophia and William has.  Sophia goes after Maria with absolute gusto!  I still can't get over how she tried to stab Maria with the hyperdermic while Maria was lying in the hospital bed!  Maria is not the type to be so physical unless provoked, she is actually the more sneaky kind.  You don't know Maria's got you until much later on!

    Both women are really quite beautiful, but I like Morgan Fairchild more because she could move more of her face than Bo Derek!

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    [3]Nov 30, 2006
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    I think Sophia is a psycho. That stunt with the hypodermic needle was just crazy. She is really obsessed with Maria. Maria is just as evil though. She is so rude to everyone and mean. She says that she loves Luke but all she cares about is herself - as her stealing from him and interference with his relationships shows. Both are as bad as each other. But you have to admit that both look amazing. I think that Morgan Fairchild is really enjoying playing Sophia and going back to the "nasty bi*ch" roles that made her famous.
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    [4]May 22, 2007
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    yes, the both of them is crazy! but maria is more selfish and okey she was humiliate of william and sophia at the wedding but sophia and william lost their husband/father and maria was a part of charles blakelys suicide. and sophia and william have more reasons to be angry on maria, they lose everything when charles died. and maria did a lots of crazy,wicked things: pushed nikki, stole from luke, drugged luke, tried to break his relationship etc.
    okey sophia and william are not completly innecent either but they seems to be more human and considrate than maria ever will be!! but maria gianni is really important for the tv-show. without maria gianni, sophia blakely and william chandler = no Fashion House!!!
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