Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 47

Gaggle At The Gallery

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Nikki lets Michelle in on the secret of her pregnancy, and wonders aloud if this isn't a sign that she should move on from modeling to the next phase of her life. William shows up on their doorstep and takes Michelle on a field trip to an office that he has set up for her and gives her the keys to. He tells her he'd do anything to help her and Luke, but Michelle tells him that she and Luke aren't together any more. Nikki confirms with her doctor that she's pregnant. The doctor asks if she's in a committed relationship with anyone, and when Nikki responds, "Sort of," the doctor asks Nikki if this man is the father and Nikki seems uncertain. Michelle tells William about the deal Lexi offered her, and and surprises him with the news that Lexi stole all of Maria's files. Luke's gallery rep, Mr. Hamilton, praises his work. Later, Luke calls Maria and tells her she can come to his gallery show. Gloria is anguished over her mother's deteriorating health, but Doris tries to console her and buck up her spirits. Michelle and Lexi bond over plans for the business. Nikki walks in and reminds Michelle of Luke's gallery show, and Michelle invites Lexi. Lexi declines, saying she should steer clear of Maria for a while, but Michelle says Maria can't scare her away. In her hospital room, Doris asks Gloria to stop doing bad things with her life. Maria meets with Harold and John to pick a new model as the face of Gianni, but they have a hard time. Finally, Harold suggests that they tap former model, Juliette Peters, in an age doesn't matter campaign. Maria loves the campaign idea, but nixes Juliette. Harold and John think aloud who would be the right model, while Maria clears her throat and bats her eyes, making it clear that she wants to be the model herself. Luke holds his gallery show in his own loft. Maria and Lance run into each other there, and Maria advises Lance that they should not look like they're in business together, but she advises him to woo Michelle back by pretending that he just wants to be her friend. Luke and Michael meet up with Maria, and Luke tells them that over half of his paintings have already sold. William and Nikki walk in and joke that the sparks are likely to fly when Maria sees them. Michelle comes in and quickly realizes that everyone is staring at her because all of Luke's paintings are of her. She approaches Luke and tells her she'll leave if he wants her to. She apologizes for lying to him about helping Lance, and he says it's okay. Michael raves about Maria's idea for being the face of her own company, then Maria spots William and Nikki and walks over to them to tell them off. Doris passes away at the hospital, while Gloria and Alek grieve at her side. Luke gives a speech thanking everyone for coming out to support him, then reveals a final painting -- of Michelle looking into the mirror and seeing Maria's face, with the word Liar scrawled beneath them. Both Michelle and Maria are outraged, but an amused William offers to buy the painting. Luke tries to explain that it's art and just an abstract expression, but Maria and Michelle start sniping at each other, then both stomp off. Lance chases Michelle out and follows Maria's advice, offering his support as a friend. Maria watches from the shadows and when Lance is alone again, they meet up to go out for a celebratory drink. William notices that Nikki hasn't been drinking all night and asks her if she's pregnant. Gloria and her son are depressed about the death of her mother, then Eddie shows up to console her. Gloria explains the promise she made to Doris about living a good life, and she asks Eddie to call off the hit on Michelle. But Eddie tells her that they can't, that his hit man has become unreachable, so there's no way to call it off.

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