Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 75

In Loving Memory

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

At Maria's funeral, Michael is surprised to find that Maria has been cremated, but Nikki quips that it's to symbolize her burning in Hell. The reverend at the funeral asks if anyone would like to speak about Maria, but her attorney Clive is the only one who gets up. He challenges everyone to say something positive about her. Several people do, and their eulogies feature many flashback scenes of Maria mistreating them, while their positive words say otherwise. Sophia praises Maria for her fight. A strung out Tania calls Maria loving, but firm. Lexi suggests that Maria inspired her to create her own business. Meanwhile, a furious Luke grouses to Michelle that he'd like to kill everyone in the room. Maria's maid talks about how good Maria was to her. John intimates that he shared a deep and loving relationship with Maria. Hans and Harold lie about what a joy it was to work with Maria, then serenade her with a warbling take on Ave Maria. William gets up and recounts his relationship with Maria. He refuses to praise her, as everyone else did, then talks about the hole left in one's life when a parent dies. He talks directly to Luke and tells him how sorry he is, but points out that blood is thicker than water, reminding Luke that they are half-brothers. Finally, Luke gets up and through tears swears that his mother loved him, that she was a flawed woman who sometimes went too far trying to protect him. To gasps, he says that Maria's killer might be right there in front of him. He namechecks William, Sophia, Tania, John, Lexi and Nikki about the evil things Maria did to them. Michelle stands up and tries to silence him, but Luke defiantly tells her that even she could have done it. He angrily insists that he'll do whatever it takes to find out who killed Maria and make him or her pay. Outside, Michael and Nikki storm past Luke, with Michelle trailing after them saying that Luke was just upset. Nikki insists that that doesn't make his words right. The homicide detective walks up to Luke and tells him that he's not totally sure that Eddie killed Maria, and that if anything Luke stirred up at the funeral results in someone else seeming like the killer, to let him know. Michelle then tries to get Luke to let her spend some time with him, but he insists he needs time alone to clear his head. At a remote stockyard, Eddie and his goons beat Lance up again. Eddie tells Lance that he didn't kill Maria, that someone else beat him to the punch. Lance tells Eddie that if he kills him, all the evidence he's gathered on him will go straight to the police. At Maria's apartment, Luke and Claudia go through Maria's belongings. Michelle shows up and Luke confesses that he doesn't feel sad or angry, just empty inside. Eddie and his main goon Manny taunt Lance about the evidence he's hiding, then imply that they'll have to go after Michelle, who they think is hiding it for him.

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