Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 41

Irreconcilable Differences

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Michael phones Tania, who is late again to a shoot, and wakes her up in the same hotel where Eddie left her. Tania is so addled from her drug and drink binge that she doesn't know where she is or what happened to her. At breakfast, Doris passes out, so Gloria and Alek rush her to the hospital. Tania shows up to the shoot looking terrible, and Michael suggests they reschedule, but Tania insists they go on. At her apartment, Michelle runs into William on her way to her morning shower. They joke that this might become a regular thing, and William urges her to come see her about business. She does so, and Williams counsels her to meet with Giuliana Morgan from the Fashion Today TV show. Doris wakes up in her hospital room, with Gloria and Alek by her side. The doctor tells Doris he needs to speak to her alone, and when they are, he tells her needs to test her for stomach cancer. She tells him she has battled the disease earlier in life. Maria shows up at Michael's studio demanding to see Tania's pics. Michael tries to stall her, but Maria insists and is furious with the results. She tells Michael that Tania has one more chance or else she's fired. Eddie joins Doris, Gloria and Alek at the hospital and promises to take care of them. Michelle meets Giuliana for lunch and tells her that she's readying a line for fashion week, but keeping it under wraps because of what happened at Gianni. Giuliana tells her she's gutsy and suggests that Fashion Today might have room to do a story on her that night. Giuliana then calls Maria and tells her they should meet to discuss what Michelle has told her. Nigel and Luke meet to talk about new ways to fund his gallery show. Gloria and Doris talk, and Doris finally admits that she's being tested for cancer. Doris also tries to urge Gloria to give Eddie a chance to change and be a husband and father to Gloria and Alek. Michelle calls Luke to tell him she'll be on Fashion Today. Maria meets with Giuliana, to whom she's sent a free dress and a gift of champagne. Maria tries to convince Giuliana to pulls the story on Michelle. Giuliana says she can't, but that Maria may appreciate how creative she got with what will air. Later, everyone is seen tuning in to Fashion Today for the story on Michelle. The segment is positive for Michelle at first, showing how she stood up to Maria for taking credit for her designs, then it turns negative, saying that Michelle has no funding and no actual designs and that she shouldn't have bitten the hand (Maria's) that feeds. Michelle expresses her frustration to Nikki. Luke is sure that William set Michelle up for a fall with Giuliana and goes to him to blame him. William insists that Maria must have had something to do with it and Luke tries to defend Maria, but William tells him that Maria hates Michelle and will do anything to destroy her. Maria visits Lance to gloat over what happened, and tells him that Michelle's business needs to be destroyed so she'll want to come back to him for his help. Lance says he doesn't want to Michelle hurt again. Maria tells him to have it his way, then picks up a baseball bat and slams it into his knee. She tells him to call Michelle and say that he fell down the stairs and needs her help.

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