Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 1

It Takes One To Know One

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 05, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Beautiful Michelle waits at home, while her husband Lance has sex with his secretary Gloria at Gloria's apartment. Lance then comes home and climbs into bed, but Michelle pretends that she is asleep. The next morning, Michelle tells Lance that it is the anniversary of their first date and they should do something special, and Lance agrees to a special dinner later that night. Frustrated artist, Luke Gianna, struggles with a drawing, but his model girlfriend, Tania, wakes up and tells him he should so frustrated because he doesn't have to work, his mother is the owner of a fashion giant, The House of Gianni. Meanwhile, his mother, Maria, is back at her office and frustrated with the design sketches presented by her house designers, Hans and Harold, and tears them into shreds. At a salon, Michelle runs into her friend, Nikki, a fashion model, who invites her to the upcoming House of Gianna fashion show. Nikki also shows her one of the sketches Maria tore up and with a few quick alterations to the drawing, Michelle shows her how she would fix the dress. Luke visits his friend, fashion photographer Michael, and asks him if he's going to the Gianni fashion show, and Michael says he is. Luke accuses him of being in love with Nikki, but Michael shrugs him off saying that Luke could use a similar muse to inspire his artwork. Nikki goes to the Gianni workshop and gives Hans and Harold Michelle's altered dress sketch. They love it and create a dress from it, which Maria loves and says will be the signature dress for the upcoming show. Maria meets up with handsome young man, William, a financial backer who has ulterior motives in his relationship with Maria. When Maria tries to set up a payment plan for what she owes William, William threatens to reveal to her son Luke that she has been stealing money from him to finance her business. Maria frets that her son can't see her there, so William gives her his hotel key and suggests that she meet him there in five minutes. Before heading home for dinner with Michelle, Lance flirts with Gloria in his office. When he tries to leave, Gloria tells him to have dessert first, meaning he should stay behind and have sex with her. As a result, he is terribly late for his anniversary dinner with Michelle. Angry, Michelle storms out and heads for the Gianni fashion show, where the new line is a hit, especially Michelle's redesigned dress. At the show, she sits with Luke and Michael, and Luke is instantly smitten by this beautiful stranger. At the end of the runway show, Maria Gianni walks to the end of the runway, where she sees William in the audience, leeringly toasting her success. Backstage, rival models Nikki and Tania get into an argument, exposing their deep rivalry. Back at their apartment, Lance finds an unused Gianna fashion show ticket and heads there to get Michelle. Maria meets up with William, who tells her that her performance the previous evening in his hotel room has bought her a little more time: she has a week to pay him back, or The House of Gianni will be his. At the reception afterwards, Tania is angry to find Luke talking to Michelle and makes rude comments. Michelle doesn't have time to react though, because Lance storms in and starts apologizing for neglecting her, that he loves her but he's just been working too hard. They head home, and start frantically kissing. Lance heads upstairs, but shouts for Michelle to get the champagne and glasses he's left to chill in the fridge. However, on the kitchen counter, Michelle notices an envelope addressed to her and opens it. The envelope contains photos of Lance having sex with his secretary Gloria, and all the while Lance keeps calling for Lance to come up to their bedroom.

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