Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 12

Let It Ride

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

A drunken Lance visits the office of private investigator Joel McManus and tries to bully him into admitting that Gloria hired him to take pictures of them having sex. McManus refuses and Lance throws him through a glass window, which slashes the P.I.'s throat and kills him. Lance goes through McManus's files and finds that Gloria did indeed hire him. Meanwhile, Gloria asks her ex, Eddie, to kill Lance's wife, Michelle. She justifies her request by insisting that Michelle is threatening her and her son's lives. Michelle joins Luke's art class, and Luke encourages her to draw anything that she feels strongly about. Lance hauls away McManus's body and tosses it in a remote garbage dumpster. Michelle finds Luke's art class therapeutic and tells Luke that Nikki, still upset over having sex with Michael, could use a stint in his classroom. Luke tells Michelle that they should team up to get Nikki and Michael together to talk over their problems. Lance heads home after disposing of McManus's body and gets violently ill after finally seeing and realizing that he's covered in the man's blood. Maria's lawyer, Clive, shows up with an agreement William has drawn up absolving her of all debt to him as soon as they are wed. Gloria calls Lance repeatedly when he doesn't show up to work the next day, and she and Rodney, Lance's business partner, get into an argument where he threatens to fire her if she doesn't do office tasks as she's asked. William calls Sophia, who is getting impatient with their scheme against Maria. Williams tells Sophia that soon Maria will know the truth, just as Maria walks in on him. Maria asks him what truth, and he starts showering her with compliments to throw her off track. John Cotter asks Michelle to try on a new blouse to help him see how it looks on a woman, and he peeks at her while she's changing. Michelle reamins cold to his flirtation. Maria comes in on them and tells Maria to go buy samples of competitor Alissa McKay's new line. Michelle and Luke extend fake invitations to Nikki and Michael in an effort to get them together. Tania walks in during Luke's invitation to Michael and ends up getting into a fight with her when she expresses frustration that he didn't invite her to his art show. After Luke leaves, Tania starts popping pills. Gloria delivers papers to William from Lance and Rodney's office, and flirts suggestively with William until Congressman Spangler shows up. William gives the Congressman first class plane tickets and lodgings to an exotic island vacation. Gloria shows up at Lance's and finds the placed scrubbed clean. Eddie calls her while she's there and tells her they need to meet. Michelle returns from her shopping trip and finds John Cotter flirting with Maria's assistant, Lexi. Michelle starts bickering with John over his flirting. Maria sees them and mistakes their talk for romance. Eddie tells Gloria that he has to hire a professional to kill Michelle, and she gets angry that he won't do it herself. Trying to persuade her to back down, Eddie tells her about his first murder, when he was fourteen, and how it has stuck with him ever since. Gloria tells him that he doesn't take care of the hit, she'll find someone else to do it. Rodney calls Lance to tell him he's worried about him and to watch out for Gloria, but Lance has driven to a remote location to get stinking drunk and burn his bloodied clothes from the night before. Maria goes to William's apartment and finds a present, a box containing her financial contract with William and a lighter. As she looks at it, William walks in and tells her to go ahead, burn it and her debt to him will be finished. When Nikki and Michelle show up at Luke's and they find Michael waiting there, Nikki is initially angry and starts to walk out, but Michael asks her to stay and tells her that of all the guys in the world, he's the last one who'd ever take advantage of her. Nikki tells him how, all her life, every guy she's known has wanted to get into her pants, and Michael's no different, but Michael says he's different. But Nikki still shoots him down and walks out. At his apartment, William tells Maria that he loves her and that she loves him. Maria tells him he's arrogant, but he gets down on one knee and proposes marriage again, and this time Maria accepts.

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