Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 21

Madness In Manhattan

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Lance finds birth control pills in Gloria's purse and charges after her with a knife, but she escapes his apartment and drives away. John shows up at Luke's to pick up Michelle for their New York business trip, but Luke confesses his unhappiness with Michelle spending time with John. Maria telephones John to demand that he be successful in her plan for him to create problems between Michelle and Luke. Luke gives Michelle keys to his apartment before she leaves, and he tells her he loves her. Michelle hesitates, and fails to return the sentiment. Lance tracks Gloria down to her apartment and threatens to knock her door down, but Gloria's young son Alek answers the door. In New York City, John tries to convince Michelle to go out to dinner with him, but she turns him down. Gloria introduces her son to Lance, then invites him in. Lance rages that she set him up with her pregnancy claims, and Gloria insists she had no choice, she was in love with him and couldn't find any other way to keep him. Gloria's mother walks in on them, and Lance finally calms down. Gloria tries to offer him his $500 check back, but Lance tells her to keep it and leaves. John visits Michelle's hotel room and brings her dinner. Michelle tells him they're on a business trip and not a romantic getaway, and John tells her he's just trying to be friendly. Nikki shows up at Michael's to harangue him about kissing Tania, as well as not helping Nikki to win the shampoo advertising gig. Michael tells her it's one campaign, and besides he's saving her for the Face of Gianni campaign. He goes on to insult Tania and her chances for Face of Gianni, but Tania walks in as he's tearing her down. Michael is mortified, and Nikki actually encourages him to chase after Tania and apologize. After apologizing, Michael gives Tania a hug and she embraces him suggestively while leering at Nikki, who watches from the shadows. In New York, Michelle is successful in making a deal beneficial to Gianni House. Luke walks in on Maria and William kissing, embarrassing all three. In a phone call to Nikki, Michelle frets about not telling Luke that she loved him too before she left for New York. Maria invites Lexi to dinner with William and Luke, and sends her to the spa for a beauty session to wow Luke. At their regular boxing workout, Luke tells Michael about Michelle's lukewarm reaction to his profession of love. Michael promises him that Michelle will return the feelings when she returns from New York. While she is pampered at the spa, Lexi moons over thoughts of Luke. John shows up at Michelle's room with champagne and tries to plant a kiss on her, but she throws him out. John calls Maria to tell her he failed in trying to seduce Michelle, and she tells him to get on the next plane back to L.A. Michelle calls Luke and leaves a message on his voicemail that she has something to tell him when she gets back to town. At his pre-planned dinner with Maria and William, Luke is surprised when Lexi shows up looking like a knockout in a revealing dress. She later complains of being cold, so Luke and William go out to get her wrap. While they're gone, Maria slips a roofie into Luke's drink, and when Lexi expresses shock that she's drugging her own son, Maria suggests that she's helping Lexi to seduce Luke.

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