Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 73

Maria's Final Bow

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

William tries to soothe Sophia's angst about him having to vanish or face going to jail. He surprises her by revealing that he has an invitation to Maria's fashion show that night. Maria meets with Hans and Harold, who've stayed up all night working on her line, to discuss the show. Drugged-up Tania ambushes her old agent, Jerry, at a lunch meeting and tries to get him to set her up with some auditions, but he tells her that everyone knows she has a drug problem and that, besides, Maria has blacklisted her in the fashion world. Dr. Evans makes plans to have dinner with Gloria. Gloria goes to Alek's room to talk with him, and he tells her that Eddie came by to say goodbye and that tonight he's leaving for good. Lance returns home to pack some clothes, and pulls some papers and a gun out of his bedroom safe. Michael wakes up and finds Nikki angrily stewing over all the bad things that Maria has done to her. Michael jokingly asks her what he should do, like kill Maria, and Nikki tells him, Maybe. Michelle brings Luke breakfast and finds him packing for New York. He tells her he's going to Maria's show to make her admit all she's done wrong and tell her goodbye for good. John crashes Maria's backstage and tries to convince her to give him his job back, but she tells him to get out of her sight. Michelle comes home and finds Michael frantically looking for Nikki, after finding bullets in her bedroom. They rush to Maria's show, sure that Nikki's aiming for revenge. Lance shows up at Maria's show, brandishing a gun and demanding that Maria give him his 10% of Eddie's money by the end of the show. Maria scoffs at his demand and tells him that she'll just tell Eddie that the real way to hurt Lance would be to tell him to hurt Michelle. Hans and Harold fret over all the backstage fires they're having to put out for Maria's fashion show. John tries to wheedle his way back into Maria's good graces again, but she tells him he's through in the fashion industry, she made sure of it and has him thrown out by security. Michelle and Michael arrive, looking for Nikki, but don't seem to notice several other vengeful people in the audience, including Eddie, Lance, Tania, William and Sophia. As the fashion show starts, Luke arrives backstage, loudly demanding that Maria admit whether or not she pushed Nikki down the stairs. She says no, but he says he doesn't believe, then he grills her on everything she's done to Michelle. He makes it clear that he hates her for what she's done, but then her cue comes to walk onstage and she leaves Luke with a weak apology. She comes out to a standing ovation, with all of her enemies shooting daggers at her. She catches Luke looking on and mouths "I'm sorry" to him, when a bullet catches her in the stomach. Luke rushes onstage to her and she tells him not to forget that she loves him. Tania tries to leave, but police stop her. Eddie and Lance catch sight of each other. Eddie tries to chase him, but police tell him he can't leave. John heads to the bar, bends over, and wraps something up in his coat. Later, at police headquarters, a detective interviews Luke about the shooting. He asks if Maria had any enemies, then asks Luke if they were fighting. Just then, Maria's lawyer Clive comes in to tell Luke that Maria didn't make it, and Luke breaks down in tears.

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