Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 19

Maternal Instincts

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Spangler tells William that threatening a US Congressman is a pretty bold move to make, and William counters that he'd prefer not to make threats. Maria asks to see Michelle, and Michelle confesses to Hans and Harold that she's wary because Maria caught her and Luke making love. John gives Maria a list of demands (new suits, first class air fare, a luxury suite) for his trip to New York with Michelle. William asks his bodyguard Jake to set up Congressman Spangler with a prostitute, and to take photos. Sophia telephones William and asks what she should wear to his wedding to Maria, and he tells her, "Something in black." Michelle meets with Maria and expects to be given the third degree over her sleeping with Maria's son, but instead Maria tells Michelle that she wants her to design the dresses and run the show for the House of Gianni fashion auction. The catch is that Maria gives her only three weeks to pull it all off. Eddie tells Gloria that he still wants to have a family with her. Gloria heads home to change into sexy clothes, and her mother Doris demands that she tell her what she's up to. She tells her that she needs to get pregnant; that the only way she can win Lance back is to have his baby. Doris is mortified by her plan, but Gloria tells her she won't let her make her feel guilty about it. Rodney is frustrated when Lance fails to show up to work yet again. Gloria heads back to Eddie's office and tries to seduce him, but Eddie's confused by her hot and cold attitude with him. He tells her he loves her enough to know that there's something wrong with her attempts to seduce him. William and Maria visit the church where they'll get married. Maria tells William that he's such a catch and she wonders how she ever got him, and he tells her she "must have done something." Rodney visits a drunken Lance and tells him that they've lost another client, and that if they lose one more, they'll have to fold the company. Lance tells him he'll get his act together, and he doesn't need outside help to do it. Michelle worries to Luke that she'll fail at the task Maria set out for her, but Luke tells her she'll do fine. After speaking with her young son, Alek, Gloria calls Lance and tells him she needs money for a doctor's appointment. He tells her to come by the next morning and he'll leave money for her under the mat. Maria visits her therapist, and talks about her worries about Luke's feelings about her impending marriage. When talk turns to Luke's girlfriend, Michelle, Maria gripes about her again, but says that she needs her because she's such a good designer. Gloria shows up at Lance's for her money. He gives her $500, then asks if she can pick up some things she left up in his bedroom. When she walks away, he rifles her purse and finds a slip of paper that causes him to scream, "You bitch!" and run up the stairs after her in a rage.

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