Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 49

Michelle's and Luke's Story

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Luke tries to talk to Michelle about his painting, but she angrily tells him she's already talked to Lance and wants to leave. Luke fumes that she was speaking to Lance and reminds her of how badly Lance treated her, leading to a series of flashbacks revealing Michelle's backstory with Lance. Maria and Lance head to Gate to have drinks, where Lance gets drunk and asks Maria about her marriage to Antonio Gianni. Back at Luke's studio, Michelle blows up about Luke's painting of Michelle and Maria looking into a mirror and seeing each other. Michelle is offended by the comparison, leading to flashbacks of Maria's horrible treatment of Michelle. Luke tells Michelle that she had a great chance working under Maria, but Michelle reminds him how hard it was working for Maria, with yet more flashbacks of how Maria sabotaged Michelle at work. Michelle then reminds Luke about the word, Liar, he painted below Michelle's and Maria's portraits, and Luke explains that the liar wasn't Michelle, but his mom. Flashbacks to Maria's confrontations with Luke follow. Luke offers to give Michelle a ride home, but she refuses. She wishes that things were different between them, but Luke says he doesn't, he chooses to remember all the good things between them, with lots of flashbacks to their happier times. Michelle brings back the issue of the painting, and Luke explains that it's not Michelle seeing herself as Maria in the mirror, but rather Maria seeing Michelle when she looks in the mirror. He explains that he thinks Maria sees her younger self in Michelle and is jealous of all that Michelle has ahead of her with Luke. Michelle is finally appeased and tells Luke he can call her in the morning.

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