Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 62

Miller's Crossing

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Lance blows up at Officer Conti for letting Eddie get away. He tells her he won't give her the papers that incriminate Eddie until the police have Eddie in custody. Miranda drops her robe and offers herself to Luke, but he turns her down because he doesn't want to betray Michelle. Dr. Evans asks Gloria out on a dinner date. John sends Hans into a meeting with Maria on his behalf, tipping Maria off that John hasn't worked a full day since before she faked her heart attack. Nikki brings Michelle a surprise lunch at the office. She tells Michelle that William had to pull out of their planned lunch to do something with his mom, but in the next scene we see that William has taken Tania to a hotel to have sex with her. Amanda visits Luke to apologize for her aggressiveness, and he invites her to Michelle's fashion show. William shows up at Nikki's, promising to make it up to her for missing their previous date. A doctor visits Lance's hotel room to check out his reinjured knee. He insists that x-rays are necessary, but Lance tells him and the cops that he's not moving until they reel in Eddie. Gloria visits her son Alek in the hospital. Alek has finally woken up and asks Gloria to make him sandwiches for dinner, so she calls off her date with Dr. Evans. William shows up at Michelle's fashion show rehearsal to give her and Lexi congratulatory diamond bracelets. Hans and Harold clash with John over his shoddy design work, and Hans glibly tells John that Maria's been waiting to see him. Tania wakes up after noon, and Sophia tells her that she blew her chance to get ready in time to go out with her and William to Michelle's fashion show. Maria ambushes D.A. Eisner during a dinner date at Suku to give him the evidence she has on William's tax evasion. Manny meets up with Eddie to urge him to get out of town, but Eddie is determined to track down Lance and kill him. Hans and Harold show up at Michelle's to give her flowers and wish her well on her fashion show, which they can't attend. Lexi shows up and orders them to leave because they can't risk more information on Michelle's designs being leaked by Maria or her employees. Luke's agent gives him information on two New York artists wanting to swap lofts with him, but Luke is clearly hesitant about leaving Los Angeles. In her workshop, Maria demands to know why John changed her designs and he tries to take her on. She demands that everyone leave, then fires him despite his threats to reveal that she paid him to try to break up Luke and Michelle. Amanda joins Luke and Michael for drinks before going to Michelle's fashion show. Maria shows up at the fashion show, and William warns Lexi and Michelle that they can't throw her out or they'll look foolish to the press. He promises that Sophia can take care of Maria. Michael talks to Nikki, who expresses her unhappy feelings about William's inattentiveness, with Maria watching on. Gloria goes to Alek's room with a bag of sandwiches, but finds that Dr. Evans is there with a picnic basket of goodies for all of them. Michelle's fashion show is a success, but during the show she catches a glimpse of Luke talking to Amanda and gets the wrong idea. Tania gets high on booze and drugs again while William and Sophia are away. Luke comes backstage after Michelle's show to congratulate her, and teases her about being jealous when she asks about Amanda. William and Nikki return to his place after the show and find D.A. Eisner waiting for him.

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