Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 16

Multiple Offers

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Tania shows up at Michael's studio, and after insulting Nikki's pictures, she starts flirting with Michael. Gloria shows up to work for Eddie, and after giver her a not-so-gentle reminder (by pulling her hair) who's boss, Eddie gets her to say that things will work out between them. Luke shows up at the office with a gift of flowers and expensive earrings for Michelle. At first, she refuses the earrings, saying they're too much, but Luke convinces her to take them after promising that he's willing to go slow with their relationship. Maria talks with her therapist about how much she despises Michelle and wants to break up her relationship with Luke. Congressman Spangler shows up to tell William that the amendment William had paid him to push through might have to be pulled. William calls in one of his goons to keep tabs on the Congressman. While John Cotter spies on her, Michelle has a meeting with Dawn White, a rep from Alissa McKay's fashion house, who is trying to woo Michelle to join their team. At the lunch, Michelle tells Dawn that Maria swiped her dress design for the last Gianni show. Dawn offers Michelle a job as junior designer with McKay, which Michelle accepts. John calls Maria to tell her the news, and Maria tells him to tail Michelle for an hour, then bump into her and advise her to kill the deal. Maria calls Michelle into her office and offers her a promotion to junior designer with Gianni, and tells her she's sending her to New York with John on a business trip. Michelle says she needs a night to think about it. At his studio, Tania continues to flirt with Michael, but he says he has a meeting with the advertising people at Garnier Fructis. Tania continues to put the heavy moves on Michael, pulling him in for a kiss, just as Nikki walks in and suprises them. Tania gloats, but Michael tries to chase Nikki and apologize, but she's too fast for him. John meets with with Dawn White and tries to sabotage Michelle's job chances with McKay Designs by saying she's a head case who tries to take credit for designs that aren't hers. Michael and Luke work out together, and Michael tells about his surprise afternoon with Tania and Nikki, then asks Luke if he and Michelle have slept together yet. Gloria plagues a frustrated Lance with phone calls he doesn't answer. After discussing her job offers with Nikki, Michelle calls Dawn to accept the McKay job offer, but Dawn tells her the job was already filled. Gloria shows up at Lance's place, but he continues to tell her he wants nothing to do with her. Maria gives Harold sketches for her next line, and when Harold balks that they are Michelle's designs, Maria threatens him with being fired if he doesn't follow her directives. Gloria returns home to find Eddie inside her apartment, talking to her mom. She takes him outside and angrily tells him she doesn't want him around her mom or their son, Alek, and Eddie threatens her to stop making him look like a fool. At her therapist's office, Maria gloats about McKay Designs rescinding their job offer to Michelle. Gloria's mother, Doris, asks her about Eddie, and they argue until Gloria's son Alek walks in. Gloria promises that everything will work out, but Doris asks her if she means with Lance, and advises her to forget about him and move on. Michelle visits Maria the next morning to accept her offer of a promotion, but Maria says she's not sure the offer's still on the table. Michelle reacts angrily and asks her if she's playing a game and what would it take for her to get ahead at Gianni Designs. Maria tells her it would take her saying, "Miss Gianni, I won't see your son anymore."

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