Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 66

Nothing Ventured...Nothing Capital Gained

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Luke is outraged to find Michael and his mother having sex. Michael is sheepish and apologetic, but Maria laughs it off and walks away. William's lawyer tells him that she could fight the charges against him better if he could get out on bail, but he complains that the judge froze all of his assets. Nikki frets over William's arrest, but Michelle tells her that it has tied up her company as well. William coaxes Congressman Spangler to visit him and asks him to pulls strings to find bail money for him. At the office, Maria rallies the troops to get ready for L.A. Fashion Week and announces that Hans and Harold have been promoted to head designer. Luke receives the incriminating tape of Maria that John Cotter sent to him, but Michael calls him and stops him from opening it. Luke hangs up on Michael and tells him he doesn't want to talk to him. Lexi tells Michelle that if they don't find funding for the company soon, they're going to have to pull the plug. Officer Girardi takes his payoff from Eddie and makes final plans to kill Lance. After Girardi leaves, Eddie tells Manny that they'll have to kill Girardi too. Dr. Evans tells Gloria he enjoyed their date and gives her a kiss. Maria stops by Luke's to confront him about Michael. He lists of all that she's done to hurt him lately, including sleeping with his best friend, and she says she didn't do it to hurt him. He tells her the end result was the same, and tells her to get out. Lexi meets with a group of venture capitalists to back Michelle's company, and they seem very enthusiastic about signing on, although they ask for 40% of the company, whereas William had 33%. Luke finally listens to the tape John sent him and becomes enraged. Gloria and Alek talk about Dr. Evans, and Alek asks her if she's going to marry his doctor. Luke calls John and asks to meet with him. Spangler meets with a man named Phil about bailing William out. Dr. Evans asks Gloria out again and she says she's flattered, but asks him to keep word of their dates only between them and not the hospital staff or Alek. After Lexi leaves the investors, they discuss their excitement about the company, then a latecomer joins them: Maria's attorney, Clive Mayer. Luke meets with John and calls him a loser about trying to blackmail Maria and hurt Luke and Michelle. He throws money at him for lunch and leaves. Michelle seems stressed about the 40% the investors want, but Lexi tells her they still have controlling interest in the company and it may be their only shot left at staying afloat, and they agree to make the deal. Spangler tells William it'll cost him $3 million for them to bail him out. William jumps across the table and starts strangling him before the prison guards pull him off. Maria rejects Hans and Harold's latest designs. Clive visits Maria to gloat that Michelle's company was just resurrected by him. Sophia and William's goon, Jake, ambush Spangler and threaten him to make William's bail. He initially resists, but Sophia shows him photos of the prostitute William set Spangler up to sleep with. Dr. Evans goes to Gloria's for dinner and asks her about Alek's father. She tells him she's made lots of mistakes and will tell him about them some day. Manny and another goon burst into Lance's room with Girardi and take him prisoner. Manny kills both Girardi and the other cop guarding Lance, then tells Lance that Eddie is very eager to see him.

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