Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 46

Opportunity Knocks, Rings The Doorbell, And Beats Down Your Door!

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

William and Sophia barge into Maria's office and start joking about taking over her company, but they are flabbergasted when Maria writes William a check and throws them out. In their limo outside, William and Sophia are clearly rattled. William suggests that Maria's pillaging of Luke's accounts is their only ace left, and while he makes phone calls to set a new plan in motion, he gives Sophia his credit card to indulge in a little "retail therapy." Nikki and Michelle arrive at William's mansion for their boat trip to Catalina, but William sends his bodyguard Jake to ply them drinks while he takes care of business. Father Maloney, Doris' priest, visits her bedside. Gloria asks him to convince Doris to accept the chemo, but the priest says they just have to trust that Doris' fate is in God's hands. Michael and Luke go to Tania's apartment to try to help her with her drug problem, but pleads with them to leave her alone. William returns to his mansion and tells Nikki and Michelle that the boat trip has to be canceled. Michelle tries to leave, but Nikki convinces her to stay and talk business with William. Lexi praises Maria on her handling of William and Sophia, but Maria turns the compliments on Lexi and insults her for letting William and Sophia in in the first place. Also, when Lexi gives her a list of employees who are due for a raise, including herself, Maria refuses and goes on to insult Lexi for being unable to seduce Luke even after Maria had slipped him a roofie. Sophia walks in on William's lunch with Nikki and Michelle, and when Michelle mentions that her business would be in competition with Maria's business, Sophia tells her that she can stop looking for investors because William's her man. John runs into a downcast Lexi and tells her she needs to take the knowledge she's gained at Gianni and go somewhere else with it. Later, when Maria repeatedly shouts to Lexi that she needs her, Lexi calls Michelle and tells her that she needs to meet with her later that night. At their meeting, Lexi flashes a CD with Maria's rolodex of business clients, suppliers, etc. Michelle thinks Lexi wants her to buy it, but Lexi explains that she wants to partner with Michelle on her company and take down Maria in the process. Maria shows up on Luke's doorstep and begs him to let her come to his gallery show. He tells her he has to think about it. Lexi demands 50% of Michelle's company -- she'll run the business end, and Michelle will be the creative side. Michelle tells her that William's her backer and already owns 50%, but Lexi says that if they have a deal, she'll work for the company and when it gets up and running they'll buy back William's share. The next morning, Maria shows up to work and barks at Lexi for not meeting her at the elevator as usual. She calls Lexi into her office and is confused when she finds that all of her computer files have been dumped into one useless directory. When she demands an explanation from Lexi, Lexi tells her that she's quitting. Nikki wakes up in William's bed complaining of nausea. William tells her to stay in bed and get more sleep, which she agrees to. Maria scoffs at Lexi's announcement about quitting and demands an explanation. Lexi tells her that she's partnering with Michelle. Lexi tries to get out with her laptop and briefcase, but Maria yanks the laptop out of her hands, saying that it's Gianni property, then has security throw Lexi out. Maria follows her out to the parking lot, and as Lexi drives away, she waves a flash memory stick at Maria to show her that she's got everything from the laptop that she needs. In frustration, Maria throws the laptop onto the pavement. Nikki takes a home pregnancy test and gets a positive result.

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