Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 63

Out Of The Woods

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

William sends a very angry Nikki home to talk with D.A. Eisner, who tips him off that he's in deep trouble and about to be arrested. William calls Sophia over while he's frantically shredding documents, and sends her to her hotel room with incriminating papers. Lance is clearly not impressed with the cops assigned to protect him in his hotel room. Lexi and Michelle ponder what's next in the afterflow of Michelle's successful fashion show. Luke escorts Amanda back to her hotel and reveals that he's having second thoughts about going to New York. While William worries about what will happen to him next, Sophia swears revenge against Maria for really "crossing the line" by endangering William's chances of seeing his baby born and grow up. Eddie gives Manny contact information for a cop on his payroll, who he wants to help him track down Lance. Furious over his firing by Maria, John puts a copy of the tape he's held over her head into an envelope addressed to Luke. Nikki congratulates Michelle on the press' positive response to her line, then asks her if she ran into Luke at the fashion show. Michelle tells her they talked briefly and that she has no reason to be jealous that Luke came to the show with Amanda since they're not dating anymore. Luke and Michael go to visit Tania at the rehab clinic, unaware that she's no longer there. Lexi is pleased to tell Michelle that the orders for her line are pouring in after the fashion show. William's lawyer tells him that he may be going to prison if the D.A.'s tip about him is true. Sophia takes Tania out to lunch and goads her into flirting with a man at the bar. William goes to Nikki's apartment to warn her of his legal troubles. Eddie and Manny meet with Officer Girardi, the crooked cop on his payroll, who they threaten to help them get to Lance or else they'll force the information out of him. Tania's rehab counselor tells Luke and Michael that she left a week ago and she doesn't know where she is. Michael tries calling Tania and Sophia erases the call. Eddie pays Officer Girardi to get the next shift protecting Lance, so they can get close to him. Sophia gives Tania Dr. Woods' business card and suggests she go to him to talk out her problems. Michael worries about Tania and insists to Luke that they need to find her. In therapy with Dr. Woods, Tania admits that her problems go quite a way's back to her constant worries about always staying on top in the modeling field. Calling from her car outside William's mansion, Maria tells him that she's got a front row seat to the show -- as swarms of police descend on his mansion to arrest him. Nikki shows up just in time to see William being led away. Sophia sees Maria in her car and pounds on the window to make her get out. They argue, then slap each other, and Sophia chases Maria away with a garden hose. Back at their apartment, Michelle tries to comfort a despondent Nikki over William's arrest. Lexi calls Michelle and asks her to hurry to the office. In the wake of William's arrest, his assets have been frozen, and since he owns a controlling interest in Michelle's company, that means her company is on hold unless they can find alternate funding.

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