Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 18

Political Posturing

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Michelle meets with Maria to discuss the job promotion Maria offered her the previous day. Maria teases Michelle with the possibility that she might rescind the offer, but in the end she gives her the promotion. William meets with Congressman Spangler, and reminds him how much he's already spent paying for Spangler's favor. Spangler suggests that he wants more, but William gets physically aggressive and says he'll just have to come up with a more persuasive incentive to sweeten the deal. Luke sneaks up on Michelle in her bedroom and she decks him, thinking he's an intruder. They fall on her bed and start making out, but Michelle pulls back and says she can't. She flashes back to memories of Lance, showing that she's not quite ready to take the next step with Luke, who promises to be patient. Gloria calls Eddie from the hospital, where her mother is ill, and says she's worried because she no longer has insurance. Setting up the Garnier Fructis campaign, Michael narrows the models down to Nikki and Tania, and tells the girls they need to lather up their hair and have photos taken. Lance calls a frustrated Rodney and tells him he's stuck in traffic on his way to work, but he's really at home popping pills with booze. At the photo shoot, Tania starts elbowing Nikki and flinging her soapy hair around, getting soap in Nikki's eye. Sulking, Nikki storms off the set and the Garnier Fructis execs pick Tania as their spokesmodel. Lance shows up to the office drunk and when Rodney tries to damage control with Lance's tax clients, Lance stomps off in a huff and tells Rodney to handle the whole thing. Rodney tries to excuse Lance's behavior by telling the clients that Lance's wife just left him. Lance later angrily tells Rodney not to tell clients about his personal life, but Rodney blows up and tells him because of his behavior, their office just lot the client. Maria shows up at Luke's studio and when she sees a painting of Michelle, she starts complaining about Luke dating her. At the spa, Nikki and Michelle find that an anonymous admirer has covered their tab, and Nikki tells Michelle she thinks it's William Chandler. Maria tries to get William to help her decide on some plans for the wedding, but he gets a phone call from Sophia while he's there. Tania shows up at Michael's to thank him for getting her the shampoo campaign, then seductively tells him that Nikki doesn't deserve his attention. Over dinner, Michelle and Nikki discuss who might have stolen her designs at Gianni House, and Nikki tells Michelle about catching Tania kissing Michael. After dinner, Michelle heads to Luke's studio, where they make love for the first time. The next morning, Maria barges into Luke's studio. Luke hides naked behind a pillow and tries to act cool, while Michelle hides on the floor beside the bed. But when Michelle sneezes, the jig is up and Michelle sheepishly offers to get Maria a cup of coffee. Eddie shows up at Gloria's apartment, and she is initially angry, telling him she wants him to stay away, but he gives her cash for her mother's hospital bills, and she offers him a kiss in appreciation. Gloria shows up at Lance's office the next morning, and runs into Rodney, who asks her to leave. But when she tells him she cares about Lance, he admits that Lance has started drinking. At home, a hung over Lance wakes up and catches sight of himself in a mirror, which he angrily throws a bottle at. William and Congressman Spangler meet again, and William offers Spangler an envelope filled with nothing as a counteroffer. Maria takes Lexi out to dinner, and tells her she wants her to aggressively go after Luke's affections. Congressman Spangler balks and says the deal will cost a lot more money for him to push it through, but William finally lays his cards on the table and says if Spangler doesn't do what he's already been paid to do, an accident just might happen to him.

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