Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 15

Portrait Of A Lady

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Lance confronts Luke and Michelle with a gun, but Michelle talks him down, telling him that her leaving him was all his fault and had nothing to do with Luke. Lance bashes Luke in the head with his gun and tells him "this isn't over," before walking away. Luke and Michelle kiss and Luke promises he won't ever let anyone hurt her. The following morning, Michelle complains about her woes with Maria and Lance to Nikki, and Nikki says she doesn't understand by Michelle hasn't called the police on Lance. Maria shows up at Luke's and finds him nursing the goose egg on his head. Luke lies to her, telling her that he got into a bar fight to save Michelle grief from Maria. Maria tells Luke that she wants him to paint a grand portrait of William and her to greet guests at her wedding. At work, Michelle finds her sketches for the Face of Gianni campaign missing and asks John, the last one in the office, who was there and could have taken them. John flashes back to a memory of Tania, but lies and says he left right after Michelle did. Maria shows up and asks the crew for their wedding dress designs. She hates all of them and says she'll just design her own dress, but she warns them that if their Face of Gianni designs are one tenth as bad, she'll fire all of them. At come, a crying Gloria admits to her mother Doris that Lance fired her. A very religious woman, Doris gives her a card with St. Monica on it to help her through her trouble, as well as money. Michelle enrages Maria by killing her with kindness and compliments during a visit to her office. In retaliation, Maria copies one of the dress sketches that she stole from Michelle weeks earlier and asks Lexi to leak it to Hello Magazine a Gianni original and the inspiration for their wedding dress line. At his office, Lance tells Rodney that he finally fired Gloria. Luke walks in and angrily demands that he wants to talk about the previous night's altercation between them. After Rodney leaves, Luke tells Lance to stay away from Michelle. William visits Luke's art dealer, Mr. Hamilton, and reveals his engagement to Luke's mother, but tells him he wants his financial backing of Luke to remain anonymous. John visits Maria in her office and tries to convince Maria to look at his wedding dress designs again. Maria slams his designs again, and tells him she knows he has his eyes set on becoming senior designer, but that she's not been impressed with him. Maria poses for Luke's painting, but makes too many demands and keeps multitasking with her Blackberry the whole time. Luke takes her Blackberry from her and tells her if she can't follow his rules, she can get somebody else to paint her painting, and with a grin she tells him it's great to see some Gianni fire in him. Gloria shows up at the office, obviously looking for Lance, who has called in sick again, and Rodney tells her stay away from Lance. Rodney then goes to Lance's and tells him to get his act together, he's taking him to lunch. Dawn White, an assistant to rival designer Alissa McKay, calls Michelle at Fashion House to set up an appointment about a possible job, and she writes the appointment down on a carbon copy receipt book. John overhears and finds out where the appointment is planned. Doris asks Gloria about her job seeking and Gloria tells her she has some leads. Gloria then calls Eddie and tells him she needs his help. At the beach, Rodney advises Lance to give up on Michelle, especially after Lance confesses that he pulled a gun on Luke and Michelle the previous night, and find another woman. Luke shows up at Fashion House to take photos of his mother as a reference for the portrait. He then runs into Michelle in the office and starts talking to her, but John Cotter shows up and starts barking at him for monopolizing his assistant's time while he's trying to get work done. Maria watches the entire thing from her office door. Eddie shows up on Gloria's doorstep and tells her she has a job with him tomorrow. Gloria refuses to let him in because she doesn't want him around Alek, but Eddie says the boy should know his father and that he's the only reason there's still food on the boy's table. Gloria's mother, Doris, listens in to the whole conversation, while playing cards with the young boy. Nikki works with Luke to get Michelle over to Luke's for a boxing self-defense lesson, just in case Lance continues to make trouble for her. Maria invites John out for dinner to discuss a scheme she wants him to handle for her. William shows up at Luke's and confesses that he's the financial backer behind Luke's upcoming art show. At dinner, Maria reveals to John that she wants him to seduce Michelle and ruin her in Luke's eyes, and then break her spirit, and for all this she'll make John senior designer at her firm. As Maria walks away, John pulls out a voice recorder and reveals that he's taped the entire conversation.

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