Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 26


Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Sophia calls William to get a report, and he tells her he's anxious to get on with the show. Maria's maid, Claudia, is befuddled when Maria compliments her and appears to be willing to get things for herself and not be waited on. Lance appears at Gloria's, ready for her to take him to meet Eddie, but Gloria snaps at him that he's going to have to wait for her for a change. At the office, Lexi tells Maria that the florist for her wedding has called and needs to change the order for lilies for her wedding. She assures her no one will notice the difference, but Maria whines that she'll notice it, and Lexi promises to call every florist in town to get her what she wants. William shows up at the office and chats with Maria, then Lexi returns with good news about the flowers. Maria then invites her to William's groom's party. Lexi says that Luke will be there, and won't that be awkward, but Maria tells her not to be silly. Lance and Gloria drop her son Alek off at school, and Alek grumbles about Lance's presence. Lance asks Gloria who his father is, and Gloria lies that he's dead. Michelle broods over her break-up with Luke. Nikki tries to cheer her up, and says that Luke is a good guy, but Michelle calls him a "walking, talking lie." Gloria introduces Lance to Eddie, who bluntly admits that he steals credit card numbers and launders large sums of money through the gas stations he owns. He needs an accountant to find creative ways to keep that enterprise going. Lance says there's been a mistake and says he's not interested, but Eddie threatens Lance that as soon as he walked through his door he was working for him. At Gianni House, Nikki and Tania have a typically snippy run-in. When Nikki leaves with Harold and Hans to go to the groom's dinner, to which Nikki was not invited, Nikki storms off to her car and pops another handful of pills. Luke and Maria meet at her apartment, where Luke continues to brood about Michelle. He tells Maria that he doesn't think anything happened with Lexi. Maria tells him to cheer up and be happy on her special day. Back at Eddie's office, Gloria tells Eddie that Lance has a choice whether or not to work for him. Eddie then opens a briefcase of cash, which he offers to Lance, but Lance says he needs to talk to his partner Rodney and then he'll get back to him. Sophia telephones William to leave a message that she's arrived in town for the wedding. At the groom's party, Luke runs into Lexi and frostily ignores her when Nikki calls him over. Congressman Spangler shows up at the groom's party as a guest of Maria's, and is surprised to find that William is her fiance. Harold, Hans and Nikki try to make Luke feel better about Michelle's absence at the party. William meets a pretty former Gianni model at the party and openly flirts with her. Maria's lawyer, Clive, breaks the flirtation up, and starts grilling William on his intentions. Later, when Maria and William are standing together, Clive walks up and boldly asks William about the woman he was flirting with. Luke unveils his portrait of Maria and William. William later approaches Luke and says he hopes they'll get to know each other, as they have a lot in common. Michael then snags Luke and they leave the party with Nikki, Harold and Hans to go to a nightclub. At his office, Lance does the books and finds that he's nearly $25,000 in the hole. Luke and his group head to the nightclub, Gate, where they clearly enjoy each other's company. Meanwhile, a lonely and ostracized Lexi sits at the nearby bar and watches them. While Maria and William lay in bed together at her apartment, Sophia shows up on William's doorstep, promising that the next day will be the worst of Maria's entire life.

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