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  • when will this come back i want to see it again a part 2

    please bring a second part to fashion house it end crazy on the beach with both enemies there its got to be a part 2 i'm looking forward to seeing another fashion house because this was a good drama and it ended fast because it was a everyday show cw have some good show but fashion house was the best and all the same charaters should be in there a more drama bring that show back please i would be happy and so would other people because it drama and more drama and everybody was looking forward to this show fashion house come back
  • Fashion House provides an insider's look at the fashion industry and the complex relationships of the different characters.

    I looked forward to watching Fashion House. The story was fast paced and kept developing. There was none of those "slow excitement build ups" characteristic of other shows. Early on, I particularly enjoyed the budding romance between Luke and Michelle. William's character was also interesting to watch. However, it was Bo Derek's character Maria that carried the show. In general, the acting was below average but the inside scoop on the fashion world coupled with the stylish outfits of the actors made me look forward to this show. Too bad it ended prematurely. Will surely miss it!
  • This show is about the behind the scenes of the fashion world.

    There is a lot of b!tching and backstabbing in this show. Some of the lengths that Maria and William will go to are huge. FH is a very addicted show, it has a very good looking cast and as it is based on fahsion, the fashion is pretty good. This show can drag on and can be a bit of a bore but it, in its own way can be very unique and creative. I have tryed to have watched as much fashion house as I can due to its time slot is when I am at school. I find fashion house very interesting and recommend it to anyone who likes the fashion industruy but likes a bit of b!tching.
  • Fashion House is nothing more than an average soap that should be on during the daytime so that primetime lovers like me don't have to watch it.

    My 50 is definitely confused about thinking that Fashion House was going to be a hit. Star Morgan Fairchild who's name along with Bo Derek's was supposed to carry the show, rarely showed her face. The ratings were dismal, and the drama comes in unconventional, unplanned and messy ways that aren't tied up very well. The drama between Maria, Luke and Natalie was outplayed, as well as the love triangle between Nikki, her rival model and the what's his name photographer. This soap os less than reminenscent of Dynasty, and should live up to the hype it's spewing all over the place. Still, the rehab stints, Natalie's revenge, and Luke's torn decision between his mother, his art and Natalie makes for a five for effort. This is something I'd watch if I was desperate - very desperate.
  • This is a show where the ad's claim "look at the prety models"...

    In case you can't tell, I think this show was an idiodic excuse to show off some T & A. I serriously had no idea so muct terribly written Drama was in Fashion, this is like over the top drama about a freaking fashion developer for gods sake! If you can watch this without going: "what the hell, do they expect me to beleive this", you need serious help buddy.
  • I was never so devoted to a show as I was the 65 episodes of Fashion House.

    On September 5th 2006 the new Network My Network TV came. With it came two primeime soaps Fashion House and Desire. For about 3 days I watched both. I stopped Desire and watched Fashion House the entire way through. Fashion House was such a great show. It had the premise a bit of the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" with the boss from hell. I couldn't help but think if Maria's fashionestes talked to the boss in "The Devil Wears Prada" half as bad as they do her they would be fired before they could say "photo spread". It kept you hooked. Unlike daytime soaps it had something extra. Something exciting happened every day. It's a hard pill to swallow but the pre-planned 65 episodes was for the best. The acting may not have been Emmy worthy but there was alot of great acting. Bo Derek rocked. Everyone said there lines so well. I really felt happy and sad during the ups and down of Fashion House. It was so great. Entertaining too. Never a episode that wasn't worth watching and it was funny sometimes. I didn't watch because i've watched so much already I watched because I knew every episode would be amazing and that expectation was never let down. This is one of my favorite shows. On the first episode I honestly didn't know what to expect so I gave it a fair chance and boy am I glad I did! I'll never forget FH even though it's in the TV grave. The flashbacks. Yes I know those are ubnoxious but that's what we've got with these soaps. It's not fair to get mad at since Daytime soaps don't have as many flashbacks but they mention things about past episodes to remind people or if they missed the episode. As dumb as the promos were it's true. We watched pretty get ugly. And the Eye Candy!!! Have you seen such a hot cast!?!?!? My god it's like a fashion show. In conclusion Great show will be much missed and I just hope no one forgets the FH. Of the 65 episodes I maybe watched 60 and a few of the recaps I missed a few episodes maybe 2-3.
  • this show talks about beind the scenes of fashion world, and how tough it is for new comers, and for who still in there, it showes you deceit and cheating, stabbing each other to improve in the field of fashion....

    well, the show is ok , it is not original, i think the maria gianni character is taken from the hit movie \\\" the devil wears prada \\\" but however boo derek was able to perform the character ok , but the other actors , they are rookies , except morgan fairchild , but i think if they stopped showing the flash backs alot, because it is really annoying, and there is something weird , everyone look good, i mean all of them are hot and sexy, thats weakens the show, but all what i can say about the show that it is ok and it can be a huge hit if they cut down the flash backs, and spice it up more, put more twists...........
  • HOT! SEXY! DYNAMIC! Could there be a more gorgeous cast anywhere in the universe? C\'mon, I\'d watch this show just for the eye candy. BO is so HOT, the years have just made her hotter. I want more Fashion HOUSE!!!

    HOT! SEXY! DYNAMIC! Could there be a more gorgeous cast anywhere in the universe? C\'mon, I\'d watch this show just for the eye candy. Then there\'s the betrayal lies murder theft and decent acting. Fashion House leaves the similar vices of BushTV right in the dirt! I loved the cinematography, the freeze frames are cutting edge and brilliant. BO is very very HOT. The years have just made her hotter. Two thumbs up, I want more Fashion HOUSE!!!
  • What a joke this show is. My goodness - can we get some real shows on television?

    I tuned into this low budget show twice because of a little bit a buzz I had heard about it. Plus, Morgan Fairchild is always a pleasure.

    I was appauled and extremely disappointed at what I saw. What a terribly written show with boring storylines and no focus. The catfights and childish arguments are mildly amusing, but come on - they can't be serious. What a waste of time, energy and money.

    As I said, Morgan Fairchild is always a pleasure, but she hardly has any scenes or storyline of her own. I will say though, she looks better and acts (if you can believe it) better than any of the younger actresses on the show.

    Pull it and never bring it back! Do us all a favor, MyNetwork TV!
  • SO Overly dramatic! Get a life!

    I tried giving this show a chance because my frind told me that it was good. So I watched the recap episode on Monday or something and this show is so dramatic! Too dramatic! It\'s such bad acting and overdoing things. And then the story line\'s only originality is the fashion gig, because everything else about a boyfriend cheating, being caught then the girl leaving and the conspiracy behind everyone\'s intentions and the money laundering, and everything else, all thought of before! It\'s like someone just decided to combine all the sitcoms or soap operas out right now and say let\'s make a show! I saw the one fighting scene with the accountant guy killing the photographer man, and I was like ARE YOU SERIOUS? This show is much more funny than it is good, if you watch this, then I admire your courage.
  • What do you get if you watch recaps, recaps, and more recaps; superficial but seemingly beautiful models and an hour of lots of b*tching? You get this show of course.

    I don't know what the concept of this show is supposed to be, because all the girls seem to do is b$tch and treat each other like trash. There's barely any likeable character on the show. Disagree with me all you want, but it's like a waste of an hour especially with the recaps. I mean, did the demographics call for shallow, b^tchy amnesiacs, who will watch the show one day and continually forget what the previous episode is about the next? Honestly, I've heard of captions for the hearing-impaired, but recaps for amnesiacs? You've got to be kidding me! Don't watch this show if you're not an amnesiac, aren't into superficial models and their problems, or you don't want to be bored to death.
  • Love the clothes and fashion tips. Glad to finally get to see Morgan Fairchild.

    I love the clothes and men and can't wait for Maria to get her comeuppance. I mean, really, stealing her son's inheritance and Michelle's designs, and drugging her son. How low can you get? Too bad that Lance seems to be a bad guy, he is so gorgeous. I love the Los Angeles flyovers and am having fun trying to identify the areas they filmed in since I live in the Los Angeles areas. For me, the show is a great way to relax and laugh. As far as the flashbacks, I don't mind them as I tape the show and can fast forward through the ones I've seen.
  • Fashion House is a Jimmy Coo size 7.5 with a hobo bag on the side full of lies, love and lust. The characters are hot and the story line is a fabulous run-away of life in the world of fashion, money and cars.

    When I heard Bo-Dereck and Morgan Fairchild were going to be squaring off in a new nigthtime drama I was like bring it on. That was until it took almost 30 episodes for it to happen. And whats up with Morgan\\\'s bottom teeth she is in desparate need of a really overdue cleaning or a teeth whiting job. And staring at Bo and her BOTOX expressions is not making it any better.

    I must say I figured out Luke and William where brothers around the middle of this mess. I also knew that Marie was not the smartest Gianna dress on the rack when she started having sex before getting the money. And while trying to have Michelle investagted failed to do the same to William.

    Anyway I have grown tire of the show and I have gone back to my CSI, CSI-Miami, Girlfriends, Veronica Mars and that new show Heros isn\\\'t half bad either.

    Fashion House better step up really soon and cut out all those re-caps. You would think a fashion show would know a women should never be seen in the same dress twice. At least in the same week or month for that matter.
  • What is up with all these recaps a episode?

    The show is very interesting. But the problem is there are to many repeated events that they show every episode! Its like only 20 mins of the episode is new! Its getting annoying but not that annoying enough to just stop watching.Overall its a good show that keeps you glued to the tube.
  • Started as a great show. But constantly showing the same scenes over and over is boring. Even with Tevo there are too many scenes repeated every episode. It\'s like seeing the saturday nighr recap show every night. If not for Tevo I would be gone.

    It started out to be a great show that I looked forward to. Now it\'s like watching the saturday night recap every episode with the constant showing of the same scenes over & over. Frankly it is becoming very boring and aggravating even with Tevo. I can\'t imagine how poeple watch the whole hour of repeated scenes without being able to fast forward. I started Tevo so I could get the new parts of the plot without the constant repeated scenes. otherwise I would have stopped watching already. Now even the Tevo is boring.
  • Friday night's episode.

    I think that the show is wonderful, but I was highly disappointed with the last episode. I altered my work schedule with the anticipation that there was going to be a cat fight at the alter. WRONG! Instead, I saw recaps of previous episodes. Now I have been waiting all weekend to see what happens next. DAMN I love this show!
  • Fashion House show starter out good and steamy. I use to come home everyday on time to watch it, but everyday it\\\'s get worst and worst. The replay and repeats make the show even more horrible. No one wants to see the same thing over & over agai

    Michelle is totally clueless and blind. No wonder every man cheats on her. She needs to wake up, and smell the cofee. She does have style in her. Maria is so unattrative, and greedy. She is going to fall so hard she not going to know what hit her. I hope Williams takes all her money, and the fashion house. Fashion House needs a new script, a producer, and some one to give acting class. Please stop with the replay and repeats.
  • I really enjoy this show, but last Friday with so MANY FLASHBACKS, that there was only 6 minutes of new footage. Most people do not have such short memories, that we need to be reminded of the same things over and over and over again!

    You advertise no repeats, but you recap more then ANY other day or night time show. I am considering just watching the weekly recap, and then i wouldn\'t waste 5 hours of watching flashbacks. Come on people, is it that hard to come up with new stuff, plus you have 3-5 minutes of just arial shots of LA in every episode.
    Hope you would consider adding more new footage, or you or going to lose alot of support from fans, but also from sponsers. Do you think they only wanting people to watch 1 day of recaps, or to have their advertising dollars spent to be seen nightly.
    Thanks for letting me vent.
  • You advertise 'SIX DAYS A WEEK/ ALL NEW' Not true!It's getting so aggrevating, I'm not sure I will sick around much longer, because..I know if I wait until the last week I'll see everything!Because it will be repeatedly 'RECAPPED'. Thanks for listening

    I happen to love this show as much as the years gone by with \'Dallas\', \'Knot\'s Landing\', \'Melrose Place\'! The problems are the episodes are deceiving!!!! You advertise that the episodes are SIX DAYS A WEEK and ALL NEW episodes with a RECAP at the end of the week!!! Not true!!! There are four new episodes a week not six, and the recapping is at an all time high!!!! This is ridiculous!! The writing is exciting but one week of shows equal one 1/2 hour of new material. Each episode is so full of \'Recapping\' that there little to nothing new!! I write this to encourage the writers to show some more gusto and to the money men behind this ...what could be \'Fabulous\' show, to let it happen and stop filling the air with \'Recapping\'! The name dropping of produce backing is brilliant and I get it, but the lack of new material is very disappointing, I find myself fast forwarding to almost the end just to get a peak of the \'New episode\'. There is truely no more than 15 minutes of new dialog to each episode and that\'s only if they don\'t repeat the last one which has happened frequently as well. I would not have taken the time to do this review if it didn\'t matter to me ! I love this POTENTUALLY great show, but please... the powers that be.. need to allow us to SEE it! For the First time not the 30th! It\'s getting so aggrevating, I\'m not sure I will sick around much longer, because..I know if I wait until the last week I\'ll see everything! Because it will be repeatedly \'RECAPPED\'! Thanks for listening
  • Bo Derek, Morgan Fairchild, Pretty Young People And Catfights!

    Even though the lovely Morgan Fairchild has yet to appear - well, her mouth is seen and her voice is heard on the phone - "Fashion House" delivers the overdramatic hysteriatrics long-missing since shows like "Dynasty" and "Falcon Crest" were cancelled.

    Bo Derek plays Maria Gianni, the ruthless owner of Gianni Fashion House. Maria is a real charmer - she steals dress designs and takes the credit, she treats her employees like trash, and she even drugs her own son so he will cheat on his girlfriend (you see, Maria hates his girlfriend, so she's trying to have him sleep with her trusty secretary instead!). Now we all know that Bo Derek is not a good actress by any means - but believe it or not, this part is perfect for her. She's a monster who spews out venomous threats to every single character yet maintains a calm and cool demeanor. I'm enjoying her attacks a lot - I just can't wait until Morgan's character shows up to really get the ball rolling!

    The other characters are stereotypical soap opera characters, but the attractive young performers act accordingly. Natalie Martinez is Michelle, the good girl who is always getting stomped on - if not by Maria, then by her unfaithful hubby Lance (Mike Begovich), who is carrying on an affair with his sexy secretary Gloria (Donna Feldman). After a rousing face-slapping and hair-pulling brawl with a lingerie-clad Gloria, Michelle moves out and in with her model friend Nikki (Nicole Pulliam), who is always at odds with rival model Tanya (Mini Anden). These gals are frisky, too - while posing for photographs, Tanya purposely whisks her long hair so it hits Nikki in the face. Anyways, Nikki gets Michelle a job at Gianni Fashion House, which is good, because she meets Maria's handsome son Luke (Taylor Kinney), an artist not at all like his piranha mother. But when Mommie Dearest doesn't approve of this blossoming romance, she hires handsome designer John (Ethan Erickson) to seduce Michelle, and her secretary Lexi (Erika Schaefer) to seduce Luke. Maria's scheming fiance William (Joel Berti) suggests just firing Michelle, but then where would Maria get her dress designs from? Somebody is called a bi*ch at least once per episode, and the cast members regularly show off their perfect physiques. Plus you have fun dialogue like "There are children in a sweatship in Bangkok doing a better job than you," "I can't stand her, I want to rip her hair out!," "I'm talking about you, NOT to you!," and plenty of "How dare you's!"

    My only problem is that each episode wastes a lot of time with flashbacks and constant shots of Los Angeles - yes, we know what the city looks like, now get back to the story!
  • Alot of beach slappin drama!

    This show is great! BO Derek came back strong. Can\'t wait until Morgan Fairchild shows her mean streak. The cat fights will soon come and I\'m going to love every minute. My favorite is Michelle. She is sooo sweetie and I can\'t wait until her and Luke get hot and heavy. They make such a sweet couple! Her soon to be ex husband Lance is such a loser!! What did he think she was going to do \"Honey it\'s ok you slept with that SLUT gloria!\" She is another nut!! SHe needs serious help! SHe doesnt even deserve to be a mother!! Well I can go on and on. But I\'ll just wait until tomorrow! :) Fashion House Has total style!
  • this is the best night soap since dynasty,,,,,what took you so long?

    i have waited a long time for a show to match dynasty...and considering i dont watch tv much,,i have not missed one episode of this's\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ great,,,working people love soaps too....this show is nothing like Desire it has class and we need class back on TV..with all the reality shows this is a breath of fresh air.....thanks so much for the hard work to make it so great,,,and can we keep it forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!and please let Michelle kick but and get to the top!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fashion house is an awesome show. It is nice to see Bo Derrik play Maria. She does an incredible job.

    I am not much into watching tv at all. Infact sometimes I wonder why I even have a tv. I saw Fashion House and I was hooked. I look forward to watching the show every night. Some of the things appear fairly predictable, but it is still fun watching things unfold. It is also fun when I think I know what is going to happen doesn't. I wish the show was on earlier. I like the movie Desire, but not as much as Fashion House. I get up early in the morning so staying up late is difficult. But never fear, you have a dedicated fan here.
  • This show is eye catching for it's beautiful cast and fairly interesting plot. You have a business women who is stealing from her son. A new divorcee woman reclaim a dream of being a fashion designer. A loan shark after much more than money.

    Fashion House charachters are not well developed. I believe the show has a basis for a great story line but the charachters are so bland that you easily become board. The personalities are flacid and withdrawn. The Two Young guy friends are too timid. The Vindictive mistress is not outspoken enough she is pretty much flying on her cutting looks, The Loan Shark is soft spoken and doesn't display a commanding appearance, The Diva is not a vamp. I think this show has the potential to be a television landmark, but if the characters don't pick up more personality this show is going to lose its pulse. This is suppose to be a soap opera, so where is the up and down roller coaster emotion. I am watching this show to be taken on a wild ride of "Oh My God! and Oh No She Didn't!". The show leaves me wondering "is this it?"
  • Bo Derek plays fashion mogul Maria Gianni in this brand new type of show for the American market. Fashion House is the first English-language prime time telenovela. Based on Cuban show "Salir de Noche."

    Only two episodes have aired so far, and this is definitely a great new guilty pleasure. It may be hard to keep up with it once the fall season begis in all the networks. I will try though. The acting is fairly good, Bo Derek and Joel Berti are probably the ones most clearly enjoying their characters. The rest is solid as well. The writing is somewhat poor, but there are enough good-campy-fun moments to make it worthwhile. So far the only big complaint is their constant use of flashbacks even to show scenes that just appeared 15 minutes earlier in the same episode.
  • This is much better than Desire

    This is a show that starts with sex, and there's still a lot of it in the show, plus this is a show that sells sex. Clearly the producers are trying really hard to lure views with sex, but there's something I'd like to see: the change of Michelle's life. She's not just a housewife, she has talent, she's in a unhappy marriage, I hope she can run away from his evil husband and swagger into the fashion world, because she's a housewife of the Fashion House. I like the chemistry between Michelle and the fashion tycoon's son(sorry, forgot his name), this show has protential.
  • A Fun new show, not great, but fun

    Honestly I think this show is fun. It's not great and its no Dallas, Melrose Place, or Knots Landing. Fashion House is cliche but thats the fun of it. Its just plain trashy. CatFights, Sex, One liners, Divas, Sex, anything you would fine in trashy novel. The only problem is that is hard to make a commited to watching a show five nights a week. I love me some daytime tv, but I can't watch soaps every day of the week. I do have a life. But the show continues to give you flashblacks that you can't get lost. So I think this show is fun and worth the 10 because its not supposed to be classy.
  • American soap opera masqerading as a telenovela.

    Anyone who has read any of my blog entries, forum entries or reviews, knows I am dedicated to giving a show at least a minimum watch of 3 episodes.
    For years I thought it would be nice to have an American telenovela like the Spanish ones I love to watch. I thought of a cast that would change characters from soap to soap.
    I watched the first 2 episodes of "Fashion House" and I can tell you right now it is NOT like a telenovela. Some of the dialogue in this show is bad.
    An true telenovela is sappy to the point where it's just funny. It also doesn't have any scenes of sex in them. That is left to the watchers imagination. There are references to sex and 2 people having spent the night together but they never show anything happening. In a telenovela, all the major characters have some kind of distress going on. Fashion House does this at least.
    In a telenovela, there is usually a problem with the lead man and woman in that the man usually comes from a very rich family and the woman he falls in love with comes from a relatively poor family. In the beginning of the telenovela, you learn about the love they have for each other and the reasons they are being kept apart. The whole point of the telenovela is to follow the story of these 2 lovers as they reach the point at the end of the show where they finally overcome everything and end up together "happily ever after".
    It's kind of difficult to get into Fashion House because with with exception of Bo Derek, the other actors are either little known or not known at all so it will take some time to get comfortable with them.
    Fashion House is not entirely horrible to watch and I think I will continue to watch beyond the 3 episodes in hopes that it will grow on me as I get to know the characters. For the moment, Fashion House screams of Dallas, Knots Landing,'s the Melrose Place of 2006.