Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 58


Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Amanda tries to seduce Luke, but he says he's not ready. William tries to sneak Tania into the hotel room beside Sophia, but Sophia catches him. He explains to her that they can use Tania to their advantage, and moving her next door gives Sophia the chance to keep an eye on her. Michelle confronts Lance about his faxing her designs to the critics and about his working with Maria. She throws a drink in his face and storms out. The next morning, Maria is furious that Michelle found out about her conniving with Lance, and immediately realizes that Dr. Woods was the only one who knew what they were doing and that he's been revealing information to William all along. She calls Dr. Woods and tells him she needs to see him right away. Gloria tells Eddie that she's quitting because she needs to make a clean start. She heads to the hospital, where Alek's doctor flirts with her. Maria meets with Dr. Woods and gleefully feeds him information about a photo shoot to trap him. Luke has an afternoon beach date with Amanda, and she offers him companionship with no strings attached. Alek's doctor suggests to Gloria that she try to get a job at the hospital. Michael and Maria plan their photo shoot when Congressman Spangler surprises Maria with a visit. Spangler informs Maria that Eddie is laundering stolen money through her company, and that the last witness they were working with to take Eddie down was found murdered. He suggests that Maria hire protection. He also suggests that she convince Lance to wear a wire around Eddie to get evidence on him, and then he could work with the D.A. to keep her out of legal trouble. Dr. Woods calls William to give him details about the photo shoot that Maria fed him. Lexi talks with Michelle and says that they need to stand up against Maria's bullying by ruining her Face of Gianni shoot. She plans on breaking into Michael's studio to destroy the negatives. While Michael readies for the shoot, Luke talks to him about Amanda's aggressiveness and the possibility of him moving to New York. Michael says he thinks Luke's making a mistake. While Sophia watches and listens, Tania starts drinking again and says that she wants to get right back to modeling, as well as get revenge on Maria somehow. Sophia tells her she knows just how she might do that. Lexi shows up at Maria's office and flirts with John so that she can get into Maria's office and pilfer keys to get into Michael's studio. An already drunk Tania shows up at the same time and sees Lexi and John walking away hand in hand. Hans and Harold fret over the horrible designs that John has come up with, when Tania walks in and says she's there to make amends with Maria. Lexi tells John that Maria's going down soon, then she kisses him and asks if he wants to know more. Hans and Harold tell Tania that Maria's in a photo shoot, and Tania bites and fights her way past them to break into the shoot, which turns out to be a phony shoot set up to catch Dr. Woods. While kissing John, Lexi fishes in Maria's purse and steals her keys. Hans and Harold call Maria to tell her about Tania's disruption of the fake shoot. Lexi uses Maria's keys to break into Luke's apartment and steal his extra key into Michael's studio. At the real photo shoot, Michael praises Maria for being a great model. Lexi stakes out Michael's studio, when Michelle shows up and tries to talk her out of what she's planning to do. Tania sulks to Sophia that she was unable to disturb Maria's shoot, and Sophia promises her that they'll get back at Maria for all that she's done. After the shoot, Maria convinces Michael to go out to celebrate with her. She spots Lexi's car outside and asks Michael for his keys to go back in and get something. She comes upon Lexi trying to steal Michael's CDs of negatives and they get into a cat fight. Lexi runs out just as an incredulous Michael comes in and wonders what's happened. Spangler meets with the DA to tell him that Maria is going to have someone get Eddie to confess on tape, and that in exchange she gets off scot-free. The D.A. says no, but Spangler says it's not up for debate. Maria meets with Lance to tell him he needs to wear a wire and get Eddie to confess his crimes.

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