Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 67

Safe Haven

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Eddie's goons hold Lance at gunpoint and demand to know where he's stashed the incriminating files on Eddie. Officer Girardi, who they've already shot and assumed was dead, wakes up and shoots at Manny, allowing Lance a chance to run away. Clive tells Maria about his plan to take down Michelle's design company. He'll sell his company's 40% stock in Michelle's company to Maria, who will use Eddie's dirty money that's hidden in her company accounts to buy it, then Maria can work to shut Michelle's company down. Luke shows up and tells Clive to leave. Sophia tries to prep Tania for her photo shoot, but all Tania wants to do is drink. The DA tells Officer Conti that he no longer cares about protecting Lance from Eddie and his goons, he just wants Conti to get the evidence Lance has been hiding. Eddie is enraged when Manny tells him Lance got away. Luke confronts Maria about bribing John to break up Luke and Michelle, then tells her he wants nothing to do with her anymore. Nikki confronts Sophia about not letting her see William. They argue about what's important, and Tania overhears Nikki saying that she's the mother of William's baby. Lance takes a cab to his offices, but sees the cops staked out there and screams at the cabbie to go. Dr. Evans offers to take Gloria apartment hunting. Luke goes to Michelle's to tell of Maria's latest peccadillos. Spangler meets with a judge and convinces her to lower William's bail, so he can pay it and get him out. Tania's photographer throws a tantrum when Sophia brings her to the shoot looking strung out, as usual. Tania copes by popping more pills. John shows up at Michelle's studio to ask Lexi out on a lunch date. Michael goes to Luke's studio to apologize, but Luke taunts him about his feelings for Nikki and calls him pathetic. Michael throws a punch and they ended up in a nasty slugfest, with Luke finally throwing Michael out. Sophia tries to encourage Tania during the shoot, but Tania is so stoned she can barely stand up. At lunch, John tries to smooth talk Lexi into hiring him at Michelle's company, but she blows him off and leaves. Nikki goes to Maria's office to ask Hans and Harold out to lunch. While Gloria and Dr. Evans have lunch, Eddie calls her and demands that she help him. She tries to blow him off, but he threatens her. Tania ambushes Nikki while she's at lunch with Hans and Harold, and reveals that she's sleeping with William on a regular basis. Sophia visits William to tell him that Spangler has bribed the judge to lower his bail, and lets slip about Tania's run-in with Nikki. Eddie meets with Gloria and asks her to go his junkyard and get some hidden cash for him to get out of town. Later, Gloria tries to tell Dr. Evans that she's had quite a past that she's ashamed of, but he tells her he doesn't care. Nikki goes home and finds her door ajar. Instead of calling the police, she goes in by herself and finds and intruder who pushes her down the stairs.

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