Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 13

Secrets and Gifts

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 19, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

The morning after Maria accepts William's marriage proposal, Maria admits to William that she hasn't told her son Luke about him yet. They talk about a wedding date, and Maria suggests six months away, but William pushes for one month or sooner. As soon as Maria leaves, William picks up his phone and reveals that he's phoned Sophia to let her listen in on everything. Nikki confesses to Michelle that after hearing Michael's apology the previous night, she realized it wasn't all his fault that they slept together. Lexi spots Maria's wedding ring and figures out what's going on. Maria tells her not to tell Luke about his mother getting married. Harold gets in a fight with John Cotter when he realizes that John has swiped his dress form. John blames the mix-up on Michelle, who's not there, and Maria overhears. Hans and Harold spot Maria's ring, and Maria tells everyone she wants them to come up with designs for her wedding dress. John asks if he comes up with the winning design if his name will be in the press, and Maria tells him and the others that all the press will be at her wedding, and their jobs depend on her looking good that day. Lance calls his office and tells Gloria that he's been thinking about her, and he wants her to come to his place that night. While he's on the phone with her, he cleans his gun. On her arrival at the office, Michelle finds out from the boys that Maria is getting married. She makes suggestions for the dress design that John has created and he tries in vain to invite her on a date. Maria tells Lexi to leak news of her wedding to the tabloids. She also tells Lexi to start wearing more make-up. At the gym, Michael confesses his frustration over his situation with Nikki to Luke. Michael says he tried going through his photography book, replacing pictures of Nikki with some of the dozens of other gorgeous models he photographs, but he couldn't do it because none of them had Nikki's magic. Luke tells him maybe Nikki needs to see that, to see the magic in the photos they created together when they were friends. At a beauty salon, Nikki runs into William, and he flirts with her while asking her to help him to select beauty products for "a friend." John catches Michelle drawing wedding dress designs for Maria, and reminds her that she's an assistant to the designers, and that Maria only asked the designers for their input, while leeringly suggesting that they work together. Michelle then goes to Maria's office to nervously congratulate her on her engagement. At her therapist's office, Maria confesses that she's afraid of things from her past coming back to haunt her, and she flashes back to taking credit for the knockout dress designed by Michelle from her last line, copying Michelle's dress sketches and asking Lexi to find dirt on the girl. When her therapist asks her if she's sorry for those things, Maria says no, but she is story for stealing money from Luke's trust fund account. Lexi visits Luke's to give him a check, and invites him out for a drink, which he politely declines. Rodney meets a booze-swilling Lance on the beach and is disgusted by his appearance. He asks Lance why Gloria is still working for them and Lance tells him not to worry about Gloria, that he's taking care of her. Tania runs into Michelle and Nikki having lunch, and snidely asks her why Luke didn't tell her that he and Tania had met the previous day. Michelle is upset that Luke didn't tell her, but Nikki counsels her to relax and take things slow with Luke. Maria has lunch with entertainment TV show host Giuliana Morgan and gives her a dress to wear to her wedding, while feeding her tidbits to make the story seem more newsworthy. Giuliana tells Maria she's never seen her happier. Nikki returns home and finds a gift on her doorstep: a photo of herself and Michael when they were friends. William tells Maria she really needs to tell Luke about their relationship, that he can handle it because he's a Gianni. On his way out of her office, William meets Luke at the elevator. Luke asks if they've met before and William says, "Not yet." Luke walks in on the Hans, Harold and Michelle talking about the wedding. Michelle gives him the cold shoulder, but then apologizes and asks him about his meeting with Tania the previous day. She tells him that she wants him to feel that he can tell her about things like that because she doesn't like secrets, especially after finding out that her marriage to Lance was built on secrets and lies. They kiss, and John Cotter busts in and hectors them about it. While holding his gun, Lance broods about killing the private eye Gloria hired to take pictures of them having sex, then Gloria calls and says she's bought something sexy for their date later that night. John tries to make Michelle do more inconsequential grunt work, but Hans breaks in and says that he's already asked Maria to run another errand, and that Luke is welcome to help her do it. On their way out, Michelle lets it slip to Luke about Maria's engagement, and Luke immediately heads to Maria's office to ask her how she could get engaged and not tell him. Maria finally fesses up and says she had no excuse for not telling him. She apologizes and asks Luke to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day, but Luke jokingly tells her that he can't, that he's getting married that day too. Touched by the photo Michael left for her, Nikki calls him and leaves a friendly message for him thanking him for it. Gloria shows up at Lance's in a slinky red dress and immediately strips and starts seducing him. He passionately throws her down on the couch and then sticks his gun her face. When she fearfully asks what he's doing, he angrily screams that he knows that she was the one who hired the private detective to break up his marriage. When she tries to tell him he wanted her all along, he says all they had was sex and that she ruined his life. Gloria then taunts him to go ahead and kill her, but in doing so he'd be killing his own child because she's pregnant.

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