Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 3

Secrets & Lies

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 07, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Michelle heads back to her former home with Lance to pick up her belongings, and finds Gloria in the kitchen wearing her lingerie and jewelry. Michelle blows her stack and the two women get into a catfight. In a meeting with his lawyer, Lance finds out that Michelle is entitled to 50% of everything since they didn't have a prenuptial agreement. Lance asks him what if there were a prenup, and the lawyer tells him that would be illegal and unethical, but Lance reminds him how unethical it was for him to stash a half million in the Cayman Islands for his lawyer during his divorce. At Gianni Fashion House, Michelle runs into Luke, who says he never expected to see her again after the fashion show. Luke offers to give her a tour of Gianni, but Michelle sees Lexi spying on them and declines. Tania walks in and gets snippy with Michelle about her chances at Gianni, but Luke tells Michelle she'll do great. Later, at her photo shoot with Michael, Tania fails to deliver. Michael says that Maria is looking for something different, and Tania says "like mother, like son," referring to Luke, whose eye is obviously wandering from Tania to something different (Michelle). Luke asks Michelle to lunch, and they talk about her separation from Lance. Luke tries to pay for lunch, but finds out that Michelle has already offered to do so. The waitress tells her that her credit card has been declined, and upon checking Michelle finds that Lance has closed all of her accounts. At Lance's office, Gloria flirts with Lance, trying to get him to take her home. He tells her knows that she broke picture frames of Michelle and himself at his apartment and to "be careful." Meanwhile, a very stressed Maria Gianni heads to a spa for a massage. Williams sneaks in and pays off the masseur, allowing himself the opportunity to seduce Maria and make love to her. Michael and Luke meet for drinks. Michael talks about his feelings for Nikki, and warns Luke about the trouble he's going to have with Tania if he breaks up with her to pursue a romance with Michelle. At her apartment, Nikki receives flowers from a secret admirer, and tells Michelle that she thinks they're from William, unaware that they're really from Michael. Back at home, Lance broods over his lost relationship with Michelle, staring at pictures of their wedding. Still, he works on a fake prenup and forges Michelle's signature on it. Later, at a separation meeting with their lawyers, Lance presents the fake prenup and Michelle finds that she's lost everything. Lance even says that the anniversary ring he gave her a few nights previously is his, and Michelle furiously pulls it off her finger and throws it in his face. At her therapist's office, Maria confesses that she has feelings for William, he makes her feel alive. But she feels at a disadvantage because he knows much more about her than she knows about him.

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