Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 56

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Maria is booked and thrown into jail for fraud. Two hardened female prisoners give Maria a hard time in their shared cell. Nikki praises Michael for helping Tania. He tries to talk to her about William and make sure she's not made a mistake in being with him. The New York agent trying to woo Luke invites him to dinner. One of the prisoners in Maria's cell pressures her to say what she does on the outside world, then asks her how much money she has. Maria tells her she's not paying protection money and the prisoner punches her in the face as a warning. Maria punches her right back. The woman tackles her on a bed and they start fighting until the guards pull them apart and haul them off. Lance tries to assure Rodney that they'll be okay and not to worry about Eddie, but Eddie calls and demands that they both show up to pick up some money he needs laundered through Gianni House. William calls Nikki to tell her he's stuck in traffic and can't take her to the sonogram. Michael offers to go in his stead. Maria's lawyer tells her that he can't get her out until she raises $2 million for bail. She tells him to call Lance and he'll work it out. Clive tells Maria that he knows Luke will support her, but Maria says she worries that Luke will testify against her, then tells him about everything that Luke has found out in the last few weeks. At Eddie's chop shop, Lance talks to Eddie about Congressman Spangler's campaign to stop credit card fraud. Eddie tells him he's going to have Spangler killed. Lance tries to reason with him, but Eddie tells him that if he and Rodney get in his way, he'll have them killed too. At the hospital, Gloria flirts with Alek's doctor. Lexi talks to a very distracted Michelle and advises her to visit Alek to see if that will make her feel any better. She goes to the hospital and finds Luke sitting with Gloria and Alek. Rodney quarrels with Lance about Eddie's threat to take out Congressman Spangler. He refuses to be a part of, or quietly ignore, a plot to kill a man. Maria gets an unwelcome visit from Sophia. Sophia tells Maria that she's sure Luke won't lie under oath to protect his mother, and Maria hauls off and decks her. Sophia gets up and repeatedly slaps Maria, as Maria taunts her with insults. Michael joins Nikki for her sonogram, and both are in wonder when they first see the baby. Lexi is delighted when she sees on the Internet that Maria has been arrested. Outside the hospital, Luke and Michelle talk about their relationship. Lexi calls Michelle and interrupts their talk with news of Maria's arrest. Luke gets a call at the same time with the same news. Michelle returns to the office, irritated by how Luke continues to support Maria, so Lexi asks her to promise that she'll stop seeing Luke. At the jailhouse, Luke meets with Clive. Clive explains to Luke that if he doesn't lie and say that he gave Maria permission to write checks from his account, she might go away for a long time. Later, Maria is called in, and Luke asks her if all her lies and manipulations were worth it. Michelle flies off the handle over Lexi's request, but Lexi calmly explains that Luke is a distraction and Michelle needs to focus on getting her line out in the next three weeks. Michelle agrees not to let anything get in the way of her future success. Maria tries to guilt Luke into backing her up, but he says that even though he loves her, he can't get up on the stand and lie to save her.

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