Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 34

Stirring The Pot

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Michelle is completely confused by the fact that Luke kicked her out after she told him that his mother drugged him so that Lexi could seduce him. Nikki advises her to pretend she doesn't know what she knows, and just run the Face of Gianni charity auction as Maria directed her to do. Sophia is delighted that William has bought tickets for them to the Face of Gianni auction. Luke is angry and defensive when Michael presses him to find out if Michelle and Lexi are telling the truth about his mom drugging him. Maria sells off her jewelry to make money to pay William. Lance and Rodney are amused by the news about William leaving Maria at the altar, and decide they'll go the charity auction to enjoy the action. Rodney asks Lance not to do anything stupid around Michelle though. John harrasses Michelle at the office as she tries to get ready for the auction. Lexi walks up and is surprised when Michelle tells her that Luke doesn't believe them that Maria drugged him. William and Dr. Woods conspire to put so much pressure on Maria that she'll cave and have to see her therapist. Maria visits Luke's studio. She breaks down crying, telling him how much she needs him, so he decides not to ask her about the drugging. Congressman Spangler calls a meeting with William at Suku to tell him that he's gotten him the zoning deal he paid for, then tells him that they're dealings are done. Tania throws a fit in front of John that Nikki is wearing the finale dress at the charity auction, and John orders Michelle to make last minute changes so that Tania will be wearing it. Sophia breaks the tension by barging in and announcing to Michelle that she's been waiting a long time to meet her. Michael tries to soothe Nikki's temper by telling her that there won't be enough time to make alterations to the dress, so she'll definitely be the only one who can wear it. Sophia introduces herself to Michelle, then dismisses John, so they can talk. She praises Michelle's designs (namely, the ones Maria stole from her) and raises Michelle's suspicions about who sabotaged the job offer that Alissa McKay's design house offered to her then suddenly rescinded. Harold pulls Michelle away for a design emergency. Tania is struggling to fit into the finale dress, and Michelle tells her that she's going to rip it. Tania complains that Michelle is favoring her friend Nikki, but Michelle tells her if she doesn't like wearing the specific dresses that were designed for her, then she can leave altogether. Sophia watches the exchange and calls William to tell him she's just found a new weapon to add to their arsenal. Sophia then tells Michelle that she's very impressed and will make sure that she gets the recognition she deserves when Sophia takes over the House of Gianni from Maria. Maria walks in just in time for Sophia to say she was just wondering when Maria would show up to steal all the credit for a successful show. Lance meets with Eddie and tells him he needs to slow down on his shady dealings or find some other big company to launder his money through. Gloria walks in and flirts with Lance when Eddie walks away. Maria tells Sophia that she shouldn't be at the auction rehearsal, but Sophia crows that it will only be a few days before she owns the company. Michelle tries to do a runway run-through, but Maria walks up and tells her that she's failing at her job and that she'll take over. Michelle stomps off to the bar with Nikki chasing her, and admits that she misses Luke. Gloria tries to woo Lance, but once again he tells her she means nothing to him and he's still in love with Michelle. After he walks away, Eddie comes back and noticing Gloria's downcast look, offers to hurt Lance if he did anything to her. Gloria tells him that to hurt Lance, he has to kill Michelle. Tania walks up to Maria and tries to get her to let her wear the finale dress, but Maria insults Tania for how haggard she looks and says that Nikki will wear it as planned. Maria gives the models a pep talk and tells them she demands nothing less than perfection during the fashion show. William shows up at Luke's studio with copies of Luke's trust fund bank records, and finally tells him that Maria has been stealing money from him and emptied his account.

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