Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 38

The Blow Up

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Michelle blasts Maria for trying to take credit for her designs again. Maria tries to pass Michelle off as a disgruntled, recently-fired employee, but Michelle announces to the press that as of that moment she's no longer a Gianni employee, she's Gianni's competition. She boldly says she's starting her own line and will debut it soon. Luke chases Michelle backstage, and is clearly smitten with her spuny attitude. Lance and Rodney leave Gate nightclub very drunk, and with Lance behind the wheel. At their date, Nikki flirts with William and tries to pry information out of him about Luke. A phone call from Michelle breaks up their mood. Michelle tells Nikki what happened at the press conference, and ends the conversation saying she needs to find investors. Luke visits Maria's apartment to confront her about her stealing from him. Lance is pulled over by the police. Hans and Harold visit Michelle to make sure she's okay, and offer her their support. Maria offers to pay Luke every penny back, with interest, but he tells her it's not about the money, it's her lying. She then tries to shift the blame onto William, and claims she'll make Sophia and William pay for what they've done to her. Luke tries to make a deal with her--forget revenge and walk away from getting back at her enemies, and he'll forgive her everything--but Maria tells him she can't. Lance argues with the police when they ask him to take a sobriety test. Rodney tries to find Lance's registration papers, but when he opens Lance's glove compartment, the police see Lance's gun and pull their guns on both men, finally arresting them. William escorts Nikki home, and after some aggressive flirting on both sides, William admits that he would have paid a million dollars for a date with her and kisses her. Nikki invites him to stay for the night. Lexi visits Luke's studio, and he finally asks her point blank if Maria drugged him. She tells him the truth, and begs him to forgive her. William and Nikki make love. Michael shows up the following morning with a congratulatory bouquet for Nikki, and Michelle is successful in getting him to leave before he finds out that William spent the night with Nikki. Maria gives Lexi Lance's business card and tells her to dig for information on him. Maria asks to see Tania. With Tania, she goes to Harold and Hans and demands to see all of Michelle's designs, which she intends to make changes to. She also announces that Tania is the new face of Gianni, despite Nikki's having won the competition. Lexi finds out that Lance has been arrested, and Maria bails him out. Maria asks Lance to help her get financial revenge on William, and she'll help him get Michelle back.

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