Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 50

The Shot Heard Round The...

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Gloria frantically tries to get Eddie to call off the hit on Michelle, but Eddie tells her there's nothing he can do. She tells him that she'll have to warn Michelle, but Eddie blows his stack and says that that'll take him down. William asks Nikki if the baby is his, and she tells him it is. William admits to being in shock, but tells her he's also excited. Maria's new temp, Bill, is a never-before-employed geek. Realizing her opportunities to torture him, Maria crows, "This is going to be fun." Michelle and Lexi meet to talk about the new line. A strange Asian man bumps into Lexi and shows her a puzzle book he's holding. Maria's PI, Carlos, calls from San Juan to tell her that he's been arrested by Customs for carrying multiple fake passports and he won't be able to get her the information she needed on William right away. Gloria lets Alek stay home from school. Mr. Hamilton presents Luke with $40,000 in invoices for his paintings, and tells Luke he needs to get to work producing more. Maria meets with Dr. Woods to tell him about Luke's embarrassing painting of her and Michelle. Gloria calls 411 information to get Michelle's number. Dr. Woods probes Maria's relationship with her mother, who was hard on her daughter. He then asks her how she's dealing with William, and Maria carelessly lets it slip that she's waiting to hear from Carlos in the Caribbean. Gloria tries calling Michelle, but can't get through to her and refuses to leave her name and number for Michelle to call back. Dr. Woods meets with William, and tells him about Maria's slip about Carlos. He promises to keep probing to get more info for William. Luke visits Michelle at her office to apologize again for his painting of her and Maria. While he's there, Michelle keeps getting calls from Gloria, but she refuses to take the call when she realizes who it is. Tania arranges a meeting with William at Gate, and lays a seductive kiss on him. Maria asks Bill to interpret Luke's painting, which is reproduced in the Los Angeles Times. Bill says that he thinks the artist is implying that both women in the painting are equally dishonest, and Maria flat out fires him. Later, we see that William has gone to a hotel room to have sex with Tania. Tania asks him what he's going to tell Nikki "about us," and William tells her there is no "us," and he's not going to tell Nikki anything. Tania asks him why not, and he says he has no intention of upsetting the mother of his unborn child. Michelle reveals to Luke that William his backing her company and Luke is furious, telling her he's taking a major risk dealing with him. Gloria leaves her apartment to talk Michelle, and takes Alek along with her. William meets with a federal attorney to see if Maria can be brought up on charges for forging Luke's signature and stealing from his accounts. With the hit man taking aim at Michelle, Gloria approaches her to try to explain that she's arranged the hit. They tussle as Gloria tries to talk, then the hit man's gun goes off.

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