Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 31

The Ties That Bind

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Sophia shows up at Maria's apartment for a talk. She explains that the botched wedding with William was his idea, and when Maria declares war, Sophia accuses her of stealing that line from William. Maria goes to slap her, but Sophia stops her hand. Sophia gives her a gift, which Maria throws across the room. Maria screams at her to get out or she'll have her thrown out, but Sophia sits down and asks her if she isn't the least bit curious as to why she and William conspired to bring her down. Luke goes to William's mansion. When he lunges at William, William's goons hold him back, but William tells them to let him go. He tells Luke to take his best shot, and punches him in the face and starts to go for more. William stops him and says he only got one free shot, and now it's time for Luke to listen to his side of the story. Lance calls Rodney to tell him that Eddie wants to meet at their office to sign a contract with them. At their apartment, Michelle bemoans her bad luck with men like Lance and Luke to her roommate Nikki. Nikki takes the opportunity to give Michelle a gift of a Maybelline product to make her skin glow (a horrible in-show plug). Back at William's, Luke tells him that he knows why he stood his mom up at the altar, that Sophia put him up to it because in years past Sophia tried to steal Luke's father from Maria and failed to succeed. William tells him he's wrong and that there's another side to the story. At Gate nightclub, Michael is having drinks when Lexi walks up. He buys her a drink and passes a list of tasks on to Lexi that Maria wants done. At Maria's apartment, Maria brings up Charles Blakely, Sophia's husband. It turns out that Sophia was married to Charles and Maria was the one who cheated with the a married man. Maria said she was trying to save Charles from Sophia, and Sophia asks her if that was her rationalization for murdering Charles. Back at Gate, Michael and Lexi share war stories about Maria. Lexi admits to Michael that she and Luke never slept together, then Nikki and Michelle show up and the tension gets thick. Lexi tells Michelle they need to talk alone. Lance and Eddie meet at Lance's office, but Rodney is a no-show. Eddie thanks Lance for making his shady dealings look legit, then tells Lance that he'll be doing a lot more than accounting and needs to appear strong. When Lance explains his nervousness, Eddie slams Lance's head on a table and warns him that his neck is on the line with this deal. He pulls out a knife and crazily tells Lance that he'll do exactly what he wants, when he wants and if the authorities find out, then Lance will pay for it. Rodney sees Eddie and chats with him on his way out, then he heads into Lance's office and sees the fear in Lance's eyes. Lexi tries to explain to Michelle that she and Luke never had sex, and what happened the night that Michelle found them in bed together, but Michelle is so enraged that she doesn't let her tell the whole story. Sensing Michelle's temper, Nikki intervenes and urges Michelle to leave. Back at Maria's apartment, Maria balks at Sophia's accusation that she murdered Charles Blakely. She calls him a hack artist, and Sophia punches her in the face. Sophia says she's not going to let Maria suggest that Charles' death was all his fault, but Maria says it was just that, he committed suicide. Maria says that she had already moved to Los Angeles and married Antonio Gianni by the time Charles committed suicide, but Sophia still blames her. She explains that she vowed as Charles' body was lowered into his grave that she would eventually make Maria pay for destroying her family. At William's mansion, Luke demands an explanation for what William did to Maria, but William tells him that he needs to be prepared for hearing things about his mother that he'd never want to hear. Obviously rattled by Eddie's assault on Lance and the dangerous situation they're all in, Rodney blows up and storms out of the office. At Maria's apartment, Sophia starts breaking Maria's antiques and they get into a hair-pulling catfight. Finally, Sophia brings up William again and asks Maria if she even remembers that Sophia and Charles Blakely had a son. Meanwhile, William explains the Sophia/Charles/Maria triangle to Luke and tells him that he is Charles' son. At William's, Luke says that Charles was just as much at fault in his infidelity with Maria, but William tells him there's more. When Maria left Charles to marry Antonio Gianni, she was already pregnant. Luke blows up, accusing him of lying, but William tells him he's not. He tells Luke to just submit to a DNA test and he'll find out the truth, that he's the son of Charles Blakely, not Antonio Gianni as he's always believed. Back at her apartment, Maria is moritifed that she has been sleeping with her former lover's son, a man who is also the half brother of her own son. The bell rings and Sophia answers the door, letting in delivery men who bring in Maria's wedding cake and the portrait of her and William that Luke painted. She tells Maria that William now owns her Gianni House fashion company. Maria picks up the portrait to smash over her head, but Sophia wrestles it from her and smashes it on her head. They then get start smashing each other's faces in the wedding cake. Maria picks up a bottle to smash over Sophia's head, but Luke walks in and stops her. Sophia storms out, saying that she's done. Luke tells Maria what he's heard and demands to know the truth, if he's Antionio's son or Charles'. Maria accuses him of cornering her when she's already been through enough, then tries to change the subject, but Luke is adamant. He storms out, telling her that he's going to have a DNA test.

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