Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 24

(There's Got To Be) A Morning After

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Lexi is shocked when Maria slips rohypnol into her son Luke's drink, so that Lexi can seduce him later on. Still, Lexi follows through on her boss's demands, taking Luke home and intending to seduce. Obviously wasted, Luke is initially childishly playful and frisky, but he quickly passes out and Lexi is unable to wake him. Suspicious of Maria's motives, William asks her about Luke's heavy drinking and why Maria pushed so hard for Lexi to go home with him. Maria scoffs at his questions, saying she just wanted Luke to get home safely. The next morning, Michelle and John get back from New York. Michelle tries to take the company car, but when John gets in with her, she opts for taking a cab to Luke's place. She sneaks in, intending to surprise Luke, but is surprised when she finds a very hungover Luke in bed, naked with Lexi. Luke is confused, unsure of what happened, but Lexi doesn't come to his defense, and Michelle goes off on him, accusing him of being a cheater like every other man. At the office, Maria calls in John for a report on the New York trip. He praises Michelle for her business skills, but Maria bites off his head for not seducing Michelle, the task she sent him to New York to accomplish. Meanwhile, Michelle cries on the shoulders of Hans and Harold after finding Luke in bed with Lexi. At their workout, Luke talks to Michael about waking up with Lexi. Michael raves about how sexy Lexi is, but Luke is simply upset that he can't get through to Michelle to apologize. Maria takes Lexi to lunch to gloat over Michelle's reaction to finding Lexi in bed with Luke. William meets with Lance to sign financial papers, but Lance shows up to the meeting late, obviously hung over and unprepared. His incompetence botches a deal for William, so William announces he's taking his business elsewhere. Lance's business partner Rodney tries to smooth things over, but William is adamant. When he's gone, Rodney blows up at Lance for destroying their business, but Lance recounts how Gloria scammed him and helped destroy his marriage to Michelle. William confesses to his bodyguard Jake that Lance's sloppiness has opened him up to trouble with the IRS, then he shifts gears and asks if Jake has set up a proper meeting with Congressman Spangler and a prostitute. Jake confirms that he's set things up with a woman named Candy. Later that evening, Spangler meets Candy at a bar and falls right into her trap. Candy takes him home and seduces him, where the whole thing is being caught on tape. The following morning, Jake delivers the video to William. Meanwhile, a hopeful Luke knocks on Michelle's door. She watches from a corner window as he leaves a note for her pleading with her to call him. At Gianni House, Harold stays up to the wee hours sewing a wedding dress for Maria. The following morning, Maria goes over her wedding plans with Lexi. When talk turns to money to pay for everything, Lexi tells Maria that her checking and savings accounts are depleted. Maria calls her accountant and has more money transferred from Luke's bank account to hers. A sheepish Lexi approaches Michelle to apologize to her, but Michelle blows up and starts violently throwing things at her to make her leave.

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