Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 74

Too Little Too Late

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Lexie and Michelle bicker at the police station after Maria's murder. A homicide detective quizzes Luke about who had a beef with Maria. He mentions Michelle, but says that she couldn't have murdered his mom. Outside in the lobby Luke and Michelle run into each other and Michelle offers to go home with him, but Luke says he wants to be alone. Luke goes to William's place to confront him about Maria's murder, but William insists he didn't do it. At Nikki's apartment, Michael asks Nikki if she was involved in the murder, but they quickly dismiss the possibility. Michelle shows up and says she tried to get Luke to let her go home with him with no luck. Michael heads to Luke's loft to make sure he's okay. Luke continues to question William, suggesting that Sophia might have been the killer, but William says he and Sophia were questioned by the police and let go because they didn't know anything. Luke threatens William that if he was involved in Maria's death, he'll kill him, and William blows up, saying he felt exactly like Luke does when their father died years ago. Michelle tells Nikki that she got a weird feeling from Maria just before she was shot, that Maria had shot her look that seemed as if she were sorry for how she'd treated Michelle. She also said she thought she saw Lance duck out of the fashion show as soon as the cops showed up. Lance, meanwhile, is seen holed up in a hotel room, cocking a gun for his protection. Eddie's goons ransack Lance's place, just as Michelle shows up. Lance calls her on her cellphone, while the goons lie in wait. Lance urges her to get out, but Michelle refuses to budge and asks him if he killed Maria. Lance tells her no and asks her to meet him at his hotel. The goons listen in and follow her. A drunken Tania attempts to call someone on her cellphone, but repeatedly gets a number disconnected message. Michael goes to Luke's loft and tries to console his distraught friend. Tania shows up a Dr. Woods' office and finds that the Dr. has completely vanished without a trace. Michelle meets Lance at his hotel room. He tells her he needs to get out of town quickly because he thinks Eddie is responsible for Maria's death and is now after him. Lance tells Michelle about the whole Maria/Eddie situation. Tania shows up at Sophia's and frets that the police will think she killed Maria. Sophia gives her more drugs and tells her to calm down and get some rest. Michelle tries to convince Lance to go to the police. He refuses, but tells her that he's kept duplicate documents in the safe at his house. He leaves his hotel room, telling Michelle that he'll always love her. In the parking lot, he's picked up by Eddie's goons. At Luke's loft, Michelle and Luke tell the homicide detective about Lance and Maria's dealings with Eddie. Eddie and his goons take Lance to a remote stockyard and beat him up, but Eddie tells his main goon Manny that they can't kill him until they have the incriminating documents they know Lance is hiding. At Maria's funeral service, Luke and Michelle are besieged by paparazzi and reporters.

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