Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 57

Truth And Consequences

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Luke tells Maria that he won't lie for her. Maria accidentally reveals the bruise on her face and Luke finds out that she's facing prison violence. Maria leaves the room, telling Luke that she only has a small amount of visiting time per day and she needs to spend that with Clive working on her defense. Nikki is furious with William for missing the sonogram. She tells him about Sophia trying to force her to move, and William promises to take care of it. Lexi and Michelle try to pinpoint who Maria hired to steal Michelle's designs when one turns up in the L.A. Times' fashion section. William and Sophia argue about Nikki. William tells Sophia to leave Nikki alone or he'll cut her out of his baby's life. Sophia changes the subject and snaps at William to tell Michelle to keep better wraps on her designs and not let them get leaked to the press. During a group therapy session at rehab, Tania blows up and insists she doesn't have a problem. Lance and Clive work in Maria's office to find bail money, when Luke walks in and demands to know why Lance is there. Lance reveals that he's working for Maria now. Michelle, Lexi and William meet to brainstorm about who the leak might be. Congressman Spangler holds another press conference about his campaign to stop credit card fraud and identity theft. Rodney meets with Lance and tells him that he is dissolving their business partnership because of all the shady deals Lance has worked and how much danger he's put Rodney in with Eddie. Luke and Clive meet with the D.A. and Luke tells him that he won't testify against Maria. The D.A. shows them copies of the checks that Maria forged and says that he already has enough evidence to put Maria away for a long time. Luke lies and says that the signatures are his. Tania's rehab counselor delivers a care package from her friends. Tania's mad when she finds out that they've confiscated the mouthwash and hairspray that was sent because it may contain alcohol. Clive meets with an incredulous Maria to tell her that she's free because Luke covered for her, but she's disheartened when Clive tells her that Luke already left. William receives an angry call from the D.A. about Luke covering for Maria, but just then Luke walks in. Luke angrily demands to know why William set her up. William tells him that the only reason Maria is free is because Luke lied for her, and now the only reason Luke is yelling at him is because he's feeling guilty about lying and trying to deflect his feelings onto somebody else. Maria meets with Dr. Woods to gloat about the bad press Michelle's getting, and explains her hand in the leak. Luke heads to Michelle's office to confess how guilty he feels about lying to protect Maria. He also gets Michelle to admit that she suspects Maria was the one who leaked her designs to the press. Luke reveals that Lance is investing in Maria's company, and therefore might be the source of the leak. Michelle promises not to let Lance off the hook. Tania tries to break out of her rehab, but gets caught by her counselor. Luke meets with Amanda, the art agent from New York, who flirts with him openly. Tania lashes out at her counselor, as well as Michael and Luke, when the counselor reminds her that they were trying to help her. Then she reveals that Tania is not a prisoner and is free to go whenever she pleases. Delighted, Tania asks for her cell phone. Later, William shows up to pick her up. The counselor is shocked that William wants to take her away, but William promises to get her help. The D.A. meets with Congressman Spangler to give him papers that link Eddie to Lance and Rodney, as well as to Maria. Luke accompanies Amanda back to her hotel room, where she kisses him and asks him to stay the night.

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