Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 30

Wedding Blues

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

After his surprise "I don't" at the altar, William tells the priest that his refusal to marry Maria isn't a joke, it's war. Luke jumps out of his pew and tries to attack William, but Michael holds him back, and William tries to explain to him that there's things he should know. Sophia then rises from her pew, cackling maniacally. She walks up to Maria, who clearly knows her, and says that she orchestrated this whole thing. Maria tries to slap her, but Sophia stops her hand. Maria runs away, with Sophia shouting after her that she's not finished with her. As Lance goes through Eddie's papers, Rodney expresses his dismay that Lance got them into a position where they have to do clearly illegal work to get back on their feet. At William's mansion, Sophia gloats over their destruction of the wedding, but William laments the damage done to Luke. Michelle has dinner with Nikki, Harold and Hans, who all delightedly show her their camera phone pictures of the wedding shockers. When Michelle sees the pictures, her only reaction is that Maria stole her wedding dress design. While Michael collects unopened wedding presents, Tania walks in and starts insulting Maria. Lexi and Luke take Maria home, and Luke finally starts acting friendly toward Lexi again. Luke and Maria spend time together alone, talking about what happened, and wondering why William did what he did. At William's, Sophia talks about her plans to take Maria down. She tells William that she gets the impression he enjoyed his time with Maria, but he insists that while he enjoyed the sex, he never lost sight of what their plan was all about. Michelle heads to the office and catches Lexi looking at her designs. She asks her she's trying to destroy her work, just as she did her relationship with Luke. Hans and Harold arrive just in time to find Michelle accusing Lexi of stealing her previous designs and getting ready to hit her. Michelle breaks down crying in Hans' arms. Sophia announces to William that she's going to start taking care of business herself. She catches him text messaging to Luke, and when she tells him to call him instead, he calls her "Mother," finally revealing their true relationship. Luke asks Maria to tell the truth about Sophia. She shows him an old photo album and says that Sophia slept with all of the men she knew in their younger days. Finally, when Maria was pregnant with Luke, Sophia made a play for Luke's father. In the midst of her explanation, Luke gets a call from William, asking him to come to the mansion later that night so he can explain things. Luke lies to Maria that it was Michael. Lance goes to Eddie's and is immediately met by gun-brandishing goons. Hans tries to comfort Michelle, while Harold does the same for Lexi. Lance tells Eddie he'll work for him, but doesn't feel comfortable about it. Eddie tells him that he better never cross him or he'll live to regret it. Michael shows up at Maria's with food for her and Luke. Michael asks Luke if he's doing okay, and Luke admits that he wants to meet with William to get to the bottom of what happened. Maria walks in with a list of tasks she wants done and gives it to Michael to take care of. Luke criticizes her for treating Michael like a servant, but Maria manipulates Michael into saying he doesn't mind doing it. Lances goes home anguished over the mess he's gotten himself into with Eddie. Finally alone, Maria broods in her apartment over William. Her doorbell rings, and when she answers it, she's confronted by Sophia.

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